Friday, December 16, 2011

The Adventures of Poo and Zuzu

Me: Would you ratehr be killed by a shark or a crocodile?

Afu: White sharks are faster and crocs wait for the meat to get tender..

Me: So shark? But they rip you apart while crocs bite first and wait so chances are you'll survive..

Afu: Crocs take one huge bite then drag you underwater and stuff you in a cave from where you cant get out...sharks rip you out within minutes so instant death. You?

Me: I'd take shark..

Afu: Good choice...chances aer a shark will lose interest after 1-2 bites but crocs hang on.

Me: Even if it loses interest you'd drown..

Afu: Actually, you can swim with one arm and a leg, besides sharks come up to the surface to attack..

Me: Yea but you wont be able to swim much if youre the middle of the sea...too much blood will be lost..

Afu: I suppose, but there is a chance of rescue...only an idiot would do diving in the sea without telling anyone..

Me: Lol...Yea

Sigh...I missed having these conversations with you poosikins=[

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Im uzma. This is my blog. That I havent been using much. You know...cuz Im awesome n shit.
Also, I owe an apology to random hyper and two other peopel who have been waiting for their analysis. I did get time to blog but I dint, thinking that I should do the analysis before I write my blahs but Ive just realized that Im not going to. Im sorry. Just that...I have too many official analysis to do to be doing these...but I still might...I'll post links to your blog when I do so you dont have to keep a check on my blog. Once again, sorry.
Okay. Now that That is out of the way. Its winter.
And finally. Never mind -.-
I dont have anything interesting to tell...not here at least. I think I've lost my touch. Anyway...Random hyper and two other people...I'll be starting my internship in June and you will get a special discount on your sessions u_u
You know whats awkward? When the guy you almost got married to shows up on msn and says Hi o.o
Anyway...we had these interviews for some creativity club shit that a bunch of senior stidents started to separate the 'kachra' from the 'decent' crowd stuck at bahria [these are the words of the interviewer - not mine]. So my friends were all 'OMG we're stuck with this one semester and ahve no friends outside IPP and you so lucky youre a transfer student' so Im like...'OMG lets join the frikkin club!!'
And thats how I showed up for the interview [Also because the form were being collected by this chubby guy - i find chubby guys really cute]. And then I had to wait 30 minutes. And then I realized that Ive waited too long to I decided to wait another 30 minutes. And my turn came. And Im am I doing? Im working two jobs and a research paper...I cant give them two hours everyday [for free]...but then I was lets do it!!! Ima be creative.
So I walked in...and the chubby guy was there with his quiet, good looking guy and a pretty smiley girl. Everything was fine...but then the chubby guy started talking -.-
And guess what he decided to say?
"Well...Im not going to say anything to you because this isnt your fault...its your teachers...because this is Not how you fill a form...cuts and should fill a form with a pencil and then re-do it with a pen..."
Youre doing BBA from bahria - You have no right to give your opinion . Okay?
I want that hour of my life back.
Its really sweet how my friend keeps trying to make me understand his weird geeky thoughts related to geeky games. One of these days...Im going to actually read what he types u_u