Monday, June 25, 2012


Remember how I was all excited about starting my internship at Shifa. It was one of the things on my to-do list. Sort of like an achievement. Yes well it started today. And now that I'm here, at this point, it doesnt matter. Hard to believe it was something to be happy about because its just not that big a deal anymore. Like it was a year back. Its weird how your perception of things change by the time you actually get to it. I guess thats what they mean by all those journey and destination crap. And I have a feeling this will be the case every time I "achieve" something. It wont matter.

I think I've lost the "human" element in me somewhere along the way.

On a serious note [yes, I am implying everything stated above is unimportant and pathetic. Yes, Im judging myself], the therapists here suck Ass. I got to observe a session today. The therapist spoke Urdu in English with a patient who probably couldn't even write his name. Breached very basic rules of therapy. Had no concept of confidentiality and made no efforts to make the person comfortable, who, by the way, had major depressive disorder. Good going lady. You probably destroyed the little whatever self-esteem he had and assured him that no one will ever understand what he's going through. The administration let it all happen because we're in a "learning" phase and are bound to make all these errors. On the expense of the patients, of course.