Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dedicated to everyone who thinks afu is an angel..

Pu : Youre not coming to farewell?

Me : Nope

Pu : Youre a real party pooper so what you got oil in you hair wear a hat..

Me : Nah..I dunno..

Pu : You one fucked up person. Call Mariam.

Me : Dont feel like...Im watchin a movie..

Pu : Bleakh party pooper

Me : Oh c'mon...everyone else is gona be'l have fun anyway..

Pu : Sicko.

Me : Weirdo.

Pu : Psycho.

Me : Dick Head.

Pu : Pickle head

Me : **** head

Pu : fucked up whore

Me : lol...

Pu : slut

Me : *** sucker

Pu : giver

Me : *** face

Pu : You already said **** head it doesnt count, fat ass.

Me : Does too ********* brain

Pu : **** face, you online?

Me : No my monitor fucked ***** lover.

Pu : Coolness. Serves you right bitch.

Me : Whatever I have dvd's [something I dont remember]

Pu : Hoe bag.

Me : Doesnt count you already called me a whore..

Pu : Wait, what I call you in the last text, dweeb?

Me : Hoe..

Pu : I called you a fucked up soo counts doooefus!

Me : Whatever you ovulating Paris Hilton.

Pu : you ****** too bloody bloody *** ******

Me : You meera!

Pu : Dont talk wanmabe english drama queen.

Me : Whats a wanmabe?

Pu : I meant wannabe. Typo. Pee brain.

Me : WTF you think Im a wannabe?

Pu : Huh.

Me : Whatever man. You think Im a wannabe I dont wana talk to you..

Pu : Hey hey called me *** sucker which I most certainly am NOT along with the other things. I dint mean the insult but if it pissed you off then good. Mission accomplished.

Me : You DO think Im a wannabe...***** *****

Pu : I never called you a wannabe I was refering to meera ****** *****

Me : Oh. lol. Okay. P.S. I took a shower way back at 8 Im coming tomorrow.

Pu : Awesome.

Me : Yep.

Pu : Wait. All that name calling for no reason?

Me : Killed time dint it?

Pu :Sure did.

....Afu is NOT an angel.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009



Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear life,

Stop being so dramatic, please? You dont like me and I dont like you. A lot of people dont. Stop acting like a roadside whore and letting every passerby fuck you up.
Either let me live you in peace or just go away. Or yeah just go away.
You annoy me like a recently dumped sensitive girl.

your subject.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

wasting time because I have to submit my documentation on DSM tomorrow.

....And the odd one out..

Post # 205

Also, Im growing my wisdom tooth and it hurts and I cant move my jaw and I look funny talking with my mouth closed....>_>
Hot larkio par ye cheezain nai achi lagti...:O

I dont want you wisdom teeth...go away...:(

Damn I whine a lot...

P.S. Im not this annoying in reality.


Seen that fancy promo of this indian movie "blue"...?
The one which gives you the idea that its all about sharks and the shits?
Well I had the misfortune of watching it last night.

This is how it starts....Two dudes out on a fancy boat fishing...somehow a shark gets stuck in the one dude dives in to get rid of it...and another dude too very calmly dives in after cracking a very unhumorous joke...and then he very politely guides, what appeared to be a great white shark, out of the net while grabbing its nose...



shark thi ya bakri?

DUDE! Even anraiz people dont show that shit....are you fucking kidding me? Like what the fuck man!! ARRGHHH!!!!
And Im sure everyones gona love that pile of dog poop....
Whatever man..>_>

Its junaids birthday tommowo...I wana bake him a caramel chocolate cake...Im such a good sister..=(

So....if you feel something and dont say doesnt really change the way you just...its there...just not are certain people youre not allowed to hate...not allowed by the social norms...its just not digestible....absolutely not arguments a son isnt allowed to hate his mother who has struggled all her life to educate him all alone...Thats it. Just one side of the story...and you HAVE to be okay with it.
Or you may love/like someone youre not allowed a dude who killed or tried killing a family member....He tried harming your family whoever for whatever reasons doesnt matter...he cannot be you especially.

Weird shit I tell you. Too much subjectivity. We're all gona die with so many secrets. Its a shame how no one will ever know things that are so important to us.

Weird shit I tell you. Weird weird shit.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I hate everything. I hate everyone. Most of all, I hate myself.
My life sucks more than yours, bitch. And Im sick of telling myself everyone has issues. They dont. They create stupid petty issues and drown in them.


Friday, October 23, 2009


Im so pathetic when Im sick...more pathetic than hajira when she gets dumped.
Im terrible at it.
Know what sucks more than flu? Flu AND dead throat. Like theres a cactus stuck down your throat....and everytime you inhale the thorns brush against you...ssss....pain!
I dont only feel/act/think pathetic I also look pathetic. And I dont mean adorable wala pathetic like red nose and pink eyes and bloodless white/yellow/gray
I dint take out my winter clothes yet...yea...and Im Im like uh...what do I wear?
So Im wearing a pink shirt long gray socks and a maroon night gown on top. No sirs, Not sexy. Not even close. And I have like guests over. Bleh.

Seen 27 dresses?

I was just thinking about random shit and not focus on anything particular....And I thought of some of my super cool friends [read stupid fucks] ....who obsess over useless more useless than general shit. The kinds who start worshipping stuff like "Manchester United" and "arsenal" and bully you in to picking a side and if you go to the other side they're ready to beat the crap out of you...The kind who update their status after every match....something like "we lost but we still stand proud" or "we won you suck gunners" kind of bullshit.
They also fall in love with places like "sparta" and join weird communities like "fuck my nationality Im a spartan" .... They just...annoy me. They annoy me a LOT.
These kind of activities dont suit Paki children. They are more like angraizi issues...dig? Cuz you know...they have all the basic necessities of life and their aim is to get laid before they hit 16..
This is a third world country. Our issues should be more like..."what if theres a blast in the city tommowo...I have to go to a birthday" or "What if they delay the exams again? I dont wana wait for graduation another year" or "What if my mum gets me married before graduation"...seee...

My mum says Ive had flu since may and so my brain is getting weak and Im weak and if this continues Im gona become stupid...well....yep reading the shit I just wrote. I believ you maa.
She says she wants to take me to the doctor...I dont wana go...Doctors are one of those things I "dont do"....but she says if I go shes gona buy me peanut butter and marshmallows and nutella on our way back....I have to go now.

I feel 8 years old...>_>

Thursday, October 22, 2009

dabby wabby doooee....

Happy Birthday you....Im just. Not.....creative ryte now.



Sunday, June 21, 2009.

Hah. Its all still there.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No sir, no dancing today...

I know how to entertain myself and I entertain myself a lot.

yesterday when lights went out and I was just wondering what to do staring at my cell. And then all this crazy shit started going through my head. Seen prison break? Theres this scene where Michael tells Lincoln to swallow blade. So I had this weird urge to do that. But too lazy to get up and find blade [yes even in my imagination - sigh] so I edited it a bit. Ever noticed that golden thingie behind sim cards? Yea I assumed its as sharp as blade so Id take that out and make a lil ball out of it in a way it has a lil sharp edge and swallow it so it would go down cutting my throat and filling it with blood....[now I know it isnt technically possible but thats the reason I like my imagination - everythings possible - Im cool like that] Yeah....people would miss me soooo much....Rida is gona die of guilt for not calling me....:p
Mariam and hajira are gona cry their life away....Junaids gona turn into a rapist or a serial killer of some people are gona get screwd up!

After suffering from hypersomnia for like a week Im back to insomnia. Was up till six...tossing and turning....>_>

And for some reason I ended up thinking about my father [the biological one - who died when I was three]....And I learned a LOT about myself...

Know why Im still crazy about snoopy even though they harldy have any flavours now and the ice cream isnt even half as good as it used to be 18 years back?
Cuz he used to take me there every week. Just us two. No junaid no mum. Just us. Id just point at stuff and hed buy all of it...

Know why I like Aziz Mian even though Im not at ALL a qawali person? Cuz I remeber I once saw him watching it...I dont know if he liked it or not...but I just remeber I saw him watching it once...And then hajira started crying cuz shes scared of Aziz Mian...cuz he has orange hair and is yeah...he took her out n left me in the room alone....hated hajira for that...hated him more for doing it...>_>

Know why I got all crazy about psychology all of a sudden? My phupo told me about a year back that he liked psychology. He would read books about it and he always loved observing people and their behavior...

I have his eyes. So I was just up remembering everything I could about him. And it dint make me cry. Not a single tear.
I have no idea why Im blogging about this...:\
After studying my ass off for SIXTEEN YEARS [excluding kindergarten], SIXTEEN years of carrying that heavy bag full of bricks called books on my delicate shoulders....SIXTEEN years of sheer torture..SIXTEEN years of being tanned....Tolerating crowds and those cheeky van drivers and stinky, immature, LOUD, Whiny, ungrateful, back stabbing, bossy, annoying, egoistic SHITHEADS for SIXTEEN years....Youre telling me I cant do what I want to do?
I dont want to do 'accounts'...its not my thing....anything to do with numbers is NOT my thing...I DONT do numbers I FUCKING HATE NUMBERS ALRIGHT!! I DONT FUCKING WANT TO DO BBA OR MBA OR ACCA OR WHATEVER OTHER SHIT THEY HAVE TO OFFER. AND I DONT WANT TO BE AN ENGINEER OR A FUCKING DOCTOR!!

I want to be a criminal psychologist...or a cognitive psychologist...or a social psychologist or engineering psychologist...or Forensic psychologist...just...this is not fair.
There are absolutely NO good universities offering masters in psychology in Pakistan. AND I DONT FUCKING WANT TO LEAVE THIS SHIT HOLE I'LL NEVER LEAVE THIS PLACE!! Even if I get the job and they pay for it. I DONT WANT TO!!
Why dont we have a LUMS or IBA sort of place offering psychology? Fuck psychology...what about geography? Literature? Archaeology?
I dont want to go to Karachi University....:(
This is not fair.
This is not fair!


Monday, October 19, 2009

I *heart* ...

So Im listening to Avril. Yep. Still love her. Not embarrassed.
Im standing on the bridge, bitch
Im waiting in the dark, bitch
I thought that youd be here by now, bitch.

I love this thing Im eating.
Its dont know what its called. Its that cotton candy sort of thing you get in winter but isnt cotton candy...umm....that yellow cotton candy type thingie? Whats it called? I like it.

I got nothing to say and I get lost in this nothingness inside of me.
Just stuck, hollow and alone, and the fault is my own, and the fault is my own.
Kia awesome shairi hai=(
No matter how old I am I'll still love these songs. Shut you up.

Urooj and I were discussing what does sar kiye ye pahar" mean....since Im hooked on this song...not knowing the meaning can be frustrating. She being a huge fan of Bilal Maqsood was the right person to ask. "Pahar sarakna" basically means to move mountains. So its like The mountain has moved or something like that. I get it now. Thank you Urooj <3

Also Happy Budddaaa Mariaam and Poooe wuve you guys sooo much..*sniff* you people wrock [notice the 'w' before 'r'? its silent. Hence cooler than the plain old 'rock' hah. ] my fucked up college life...And poo thank you for completing my psychology journals and carrying my stuff and getting things for me...I know Ive been a complete bitch to you not replying and ditching you guys....Im sorry...I still still love you itna sara *tears* and Mariam....I love your hand gestures and its funny how you tell the same story like 5 times....and almost half the stuff you tell is interesting....You make me feel Im alive every time you beat me up for doing/saying absolutely nothing at all [:p]...Im gona miss you guys oh so much... *more tears*

Now that Ive written down my feelings here please dont expect me to make you guys a card n shit...Love ya!

Love you too Rida..:p
and Kainat...and the clan

... Also Eminem and De Niro and Joshua Bell and Al Pacino.

*makes weird faces*


Yep. Done.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Urooj : Hello?

Me : *sniff*

Urooj : sick?

Me : Yes.

Urooj : Not coming?

Me : Nope.

Urooj : Uzmaaaaaaaaaa...please..

Me : Im sick and in severe pain. Absolutely no way Im coming.

Urooj : Theyre gona bore me [Hope you reading mariam and afu:p]

Me : Dont go..

Urooj : Haan waise bhi Im not prepared..Its just one class....and a long day. Im not going. My house is a mess anyway...

Me : Yea dont.

Urooj : Ajao yaar please..

Me : Its just a stupid test. Forget it. Stay home.

Urooj : Youre right...just ek class hai.

Me : Yep.

Urooj : Acha I'll go. I hate you.


This is the only time I spoke today. With voice. [Texts, chats not included.]

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I have been avoiding human contact lately [more than usual]....The reason is..."Dil nai chara" That simple. Nothing too complicated. Nothing too deep. Just that.
But people dont believe it..Its not dramatic enough I guess...I keep getting the following..:

"Itna upset kiu rehti ho?"

"Friends ko call kiu nai karti? Calls aty hain tou receive kiu nai karty?"

"youve been so mute lately.."

I just dont feel like it. Okay?
No reason.
Sides Im always in contact with everyone through sms....Why call when you can text?
Packages itna suddenly khatam hotey hain....Im like wowo...abhi to activate kara tha!
Saturday night, I feel the air is getting hot, like you me baby.
Im so cool, I be ice.


Friday, October 16, 2009


I be selfish. I be almost as selfish as zardari. Almost.
I be a sadist. With the believe that mental torture is greater than the physical.
I be angry. I be a hulk. Only with zero strength.
I be a kid. I throw tantrums.
I be guilty. Of stupidity and mediocrity.

I wana be a dictator.
I wana make each and every single living termite in this country suffer...more than they already are.
I wana put zardari on fire and I wana hire someone to shave meeras head.
I wana punch this creepy bald dude next to me reading everything I type. Yes you crEEPY BALD DUDE. Go sit somewhere else man. The whole class is empty!
I wana eat peanut butter double chocolate barks I made.
I wana indulge.
I want my brain to be detached from my body.
I wana pawn this shit.

What are emotions without bilogical factors?

English in a sindhi accent is just not sexy.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is this the way its meant to be...

Many years ago I had this weird experience. I was sleeping alone in my room when suddenly I woke up only to find myself not being able to move my body and had a strong feeling that someone was in my room but I couldnt move to see if someone was really there. I tried really hard to get up but couldnt. Was paralysed. Then I gave up and went back to sleep. I hate to admit but I was kinda scared which is odd since Im always the brave one around. Im the one who goes alone to switch off the tv when lights go out cuz everyone else is too scared. Im the one who goes to knock on the door of "bhoot house" [just this house which is said to be haunted where I live] and Im the one telling scary stories and making girls cry in the dark. So yes. That particular incident has annoyed me for quite some time. But I recently found out that it was nothing but sleep paralysis. It happens to a lot of people and its natural to be scared and feel the presence of another person in the room. So THANK YOU PSYCHOLOGY FOR ANSWERING ALL MY QUESTIONS. I LOVE YOU DEARLY. PLEASE NEVER GO AWAY.

That being said I dont exactly appreciate science always butting in and giving logical explanations of everything awesome. I sometimes dont want answers. I dont want to know that vampires are not real and I dont want to know that alien abduction is not real and I dont want to know that spirits are not real. Sucks tha fun out of everything. Let there be mysteries, Please?
Im not saying Im superstitious but just would be nice knowing aliens are out there trying to take over earth....and that vampires are here hiding somewhere. But THANK YOU science for making it all boring and real. Whatever. Youre not that cool. I like living in the dark. They have peanut butter there.

I had a war dream last night....Been a while since I had one of those. Only this time it was here in karachi...not Afghanistan or Israel. That was cool. I mean no war isnt cool. But my dream..I mean the graphics....they were pretty real. Like I go out and theres blood everywhere. A white building covered with blood....and it was dripping from its edges.
Marvellous work my demented unconscious. Very entertaining.
Marquis de Sade, after all these years, I finally undersatnd you mate. And Im not ashamed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My class starts in 45 minutes, I have to get dressed, get my notes together, sort the data Im supposed to submit today and travel...but ryte now Im playing farmville....I cant believe Im still playing that stupid game. Anyway...I better get going....And I soo dint have to blog about this.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Meri super cool friends.

Me : "zara zara touch me touch me touch me....dude...touch me is pathetic"

Rida : "Lol. Like you've used em."

Urooj : "What is this dude? Who's zara? And what are you talking about?"

I love them.
This. Is.

You stupid stupid fool. Whats that pathetic brain of yours upto now?
My brain is NOT pathetic..>_>
Oh shut up. Who you kidding.

*thinking visually*




Joshua Bell is adorable!

I forgot how to start a post.
Anyway. I have a confession to make. I dont exactly mind gender inequality anymore. I mean yeah it can be very annoying n shit...but here in Pakistan....women DO get special treatment. Im speaking for myself here cuz your case might be completely different. times.
Like....I get to eat in my IT class...being the only girl [theres another lady but shes an exception] I get special attention. I get to see codes from the book while everyone else works their ass off figuring the shit out. And now that we're given our group project the guys are gettin most of it done. I just sit there eat lays n text while the dudes try to get some work done. But I deserve it. For my last e-project I did all the work while the other two group members had milo. So. Yes. And its not like Im not working at all. The whole idea was mine.
We have to design a software using java applets. The other guys are making shipping thingie and some property tax thingie and Im like wtf?:\
So I suggested we make a 'Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders' [DSM]. And boy did I look cool sayin all those big ass alienated words in my IT class. I mean the crowd there only speaks C++, Java and the kinds...theyre all nerds and dunno shit about psychology. Anyway. So we're making DSM. I gave em the data and I told how to go about the thing. So theyre gona write the codes n shit and I can just sit back and relax.
Back to sexism.
Its not that bad....unless we're talking being harassed by colleagues. That sucks. Also being stared at is kinda annoying. And the ass grabbing. And the cheap remarks. Gaah. Fuck this shit. I dont like gender inequality. Bus.

"Im a weird part of your life, if one at all"

Whats that supposed to mean?:\
Weird people.
I dont get people. Theyre weird. All of them.
No matter how normal they appear. Deep down inside theres always a weirdo hiding.
And I dont mean weird in a cool unconventional way.
I mean weird in the most typically Odd way.

.::zara zara touch me touch me touch me::.
What. The. Fuck?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Delicious disaster.

Now you may get the idea that I dont have a life n all but indeed I do. Like. Bleh. Anyway. So this new friend of mine Mohsina ryte, she tried the chocolate brownie cake thingie I told her about and how awesome it turned out n all....and I was all...dude...need chocolate..
I mean Im not chocoholic like Rida n Bilal or whatever I mean...I have good control on my chocolate desires but I like..really needed some today:\
So...I ended up making peanut butter double chocolate barks I wanted to try on eid but dint cuz I was too lazy...and Guess what?
lol...[shoots herself in the head]....ima upload pics again!!!
[I cant help it ): ] HAH I made ulta smiley. The seedha wala looks weird with brackets.
Anyway....The first thing you do is melt white chocolate chips..

So I like wait n wait n wait but the thing just wont melt....This is what it looks like after 30 minutes...

then I realized I have a microwave oven....and im all...Fuck you uzma >_>...and then I lietrally satrted saying..." melt you stupid whore" [which my khala heard I think....and that eplains the smirk on her face]...then I added milk cuz it wudnt melt....only to make it look more crappy...

By this time I was going insane and kept repeating....oh-my-God-what-the-hell-fuck-this-shit-man..
But finally started to look...not so crappy...

Then you add peanut butter [chunky] and mix it with the chocolate..

Then spread plastic wrap on a baking tray....But I was too lazy to take the tray out and wash and dry it so I just took this ordinary tray...

what I dint notice was that its all curvy...and what I dint predict was that its not deep enough and it myte screw the whole thing up...[which it did]

Anyway....then spread the peanut butter chocolate thing on the tray..

Then add peanuts [yea yea I burned em....bleh]

Then add marshmallows....[or not....isnt necessary]

Then melt chocolate....but I had had enough of melting instead I made my own chocolate with condensed milk and cocoa powder...

As you can see, I dint bother washing the spatula which I used for mixing the peanut butter thingie..

Then spread it on the whole thing....the chocolate was too thick and sticky and chewy so it kinda got ruined...but then I used the remaining white chocolate to cover the sides..

By this time the thing was looking rather ridiculous. So I was all...Hey this looks crappy.....

How can I make it look crappy-er?
So after thinking for like 3 minutes...
I added sprinkles on it...Just because I had them. Yes. I enjoy screwing things up. Its very satisfying.

OKay I just went to check on them...theyre done ryte....anD OH MY FUCKING FUCK THEYRE FUCKING DELICIOUS! HAH! FUCK YOUUU!!!!!

If you can get past the weird appearance that is.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eight long months of summer.

Dear fellow Human Beings,

If youre living in karachi youre probably aware of the fact that is fucking hot here. Hence, your body needs to cool down by sweating. When sweat combines with the bacteria on your skin it causes a smell. And not a very pleasant one I tell you. And its not your fault. I understand. I mean its a natural biological processes and you cant help it. However, bathing regularly and using antiperspirants or deodorants can help control the odor.
Why do you not take a shower everyday, I ask you? Do you have any idea how much pain it can cause the person sitting next to you? I mean first I tolerate this weather....this shit, pathetic, sick weather. Then I tolerate the crowd Im in....SO many human beings.....and I watch you make all those stupid idiotic conversations everyday with an equally (or more) stupid component of yours while you giggle away your life...and to top it off I have to breathe near you while you stink like a pig. [I deserve to go to heaven for tolerating all this] Its agonizing! Please bathe, my dear fellow bitch. Please do, everyday. Also change your clothes along with you undies - e v e r y d a y! Have mercy on me. Please. I go through enough already. Please!

With lots of hatred and condemnation,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We come alone, we leave alone, we stay alone. When everyone goes to sleep we're awake alone. When we're in a gathering we're in our minds alone. We're the only ones who care. We're the only ones bothered. We're selfish and we're self obsessed. We're the only ones concerned about ourselves. You dont care about this post and I dont care about you. Nobody cares, NO one ever will.
That being said - I saw a 3 day old dead baby and it was horrible. More horrible was watching the baby's father carrying him.
All that and the whole day I was busy trying to comfort Myself. And comfort I did not get.
All I could think of was Myself. How I dint want anyone to see ME cry. How I wanted to distract MYSELF from the situation.
We're all empty, lonely, miserable souls struggling to somehow satisfy ourselves. We're all as pointless as existence.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Its been a long day.

So I was just taking a shower and I had this sudden urge to blog about a movie I saw a long time back and was very lame....The curious case of Benjamin Button...Well it sucked. Those were the longest 2 and a half hours of my life. It was lame, long and over rated. And I saw the whole movie cuz for some reason I was expecting Mr. Pitt to turn into an embryo in the end. I mean....I kind of knew he wont...but I just...dunno was expecting him to.....Like.....he ages backwards technically he shouldve turned into an

Psychologists have shown it takes between 90 seconds and 4 minutes to decide if you fancy someone. By analysing blood samples from the lovers, Dr Marazitti discovered that serotonin levels of new lovers were equivalent to the low serotonin levels of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder patients. [HAH]
New couples also exalt the relationship itself. “It's very common to think they have a relationship that's closer and more special than anyone else's”. Psychologists think we need this rose-tinted view. It makes us want to stay together to enter the next stage of love – attachment.

And finally … how to fall in love :

*Find a complete stranger.
*Reveal to each other intimate details about your lives for half an hour.
*Then, stare deeply into each other’s eyes without talking for four minutes.

Read the complete study Here.

ANYWAY...Ive been blank....and Ive been trying hard to blog. You must've noticed of course. Well. Oh well. Oh well well. I keep failing.

Im gona label this post ...pure bullshit=D

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I absolutely have nothing to say to anyone. So. Im just gona type things I've read in my psychology and literature books....which I for some reason find deep or whatever...

* All emotions are pure which gather you and lift you up; that emotion is impure which seizes only one side of your being and so distorts you.
- Rainer Maria Rilke.

* Razors pain you, Rivers are damp, Acids stain you, And drugs cause cramp, Guns aren't lawful, Nooses give, Gas smells awful; You might as well live.
- Dorothy Parker.

* Beauty cannot disguise nor music melt;
A pain undiagnosable but felt.
- Anne Marrow Lindberg.

* Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.
- Franklin D. Roosevelt.

* What luck for rulers that men do not think.
- Adolph Hitler [<3]

* Whom fortune wishes to destroy, she first makes mad.
- Pubilius Syrus, Moral Sayings [First Century B.C].

* How much pain have cost us the evils which have never happened.
- Thomas Jefferson.

* The wish for healing has ever been the half of health.
- Seneca, Hyppolytus [First Century B.C].

* Theres no limit to how complicated things can get, on account of one thing always leading to another.
- E.B White.

* Familiarity blunts astonishment.
- Some psychologist..

* The only way to reform people is to kill them.
- Carl Panzram.

* The only way to be completely inactive is to be dead.
- Some psychologist..

* For many a time Ive been half in love with peaceful death.
- Some Poet..

* I dont believe in man, God or Devil. I hate the whole damned human race, including myself...I preyed upon the weak, the harmless and the unsuspecting. This lesson I was taught by others; Might makes right.
- Carl Panzram.

* I couldn't find any meaning in my life while I was out there. I'm sure as hell not going to find it in here. This is the grand finale of a life poorly spent and the end result is just overwhelmingly depressing ... it's a sick, pathetic, wretched, miserable life story, that's all it is. How it can help anyone, I've no idea.
- Jeffrey Dahmer.

* Im sorry Ive killed five people, okay?
- Gary Allan Walker.

* A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.
- Joseph Stalin.

* I dint want to hurt them, only wanted to kill them.
- David Berkowitz.

* Doubt - the problem with every solution.
- Me.

Tribute to Urooj..

My friend Urooj is a deep thinker. She has a lil diffculty expressing herself. I mean....she isnt very good with words so she doesnt speak as often. But when she does its usually brilliant shit coming out of her mouth. So. I decided to quote some of her thoughts....

While not listening to Mrs. Semen in Psychology class...."Dude....this dude....on fb....full Mullah type...loser tareen insaan....he added me...lekin mujhey usko add nai karna...but peechey par gaya I MEAN WHAT THE HELL MAN LIKE DAMN DAFA HOJAA KAMEENEY KOI 'DHANG' KA INSAAN HI ADD KARLEY....LAANTY KUTTAY....I HATE FACEBOOK!"

Again in Semens class while I was texting and she was saying something...."Uzma....aap sun rai hain mai kia bolrai hoon? Youre always busy with your stupid cell...phir koi le lega....are you listenin mai aapse bohat dair se bakwaas karney ki koshish karai hoon but you dont pay attention...bus I hate you."

While stading near the crowded canteen wondering if we should go in the crowd or not..."Sakht nafrat hai mujhey larkion se....kitni kameeni hoti hain....bitches....just look at them.....itni pathetic hain....uff Allaah.....Bohat khushi hoti hai mujhey jab inko koi stupid larka dump karta hai....thats what they deserve....ufff....I hate them! Acha hai koi larka inko use karkey toilet paper ki tarah dump karay....Allah karay in sab kameenio kai saath ho mujhey bohat sukoon miley ga...I mean.....Itni buri hain....Tauba!"

Unable to focus in Semens class....she randomly starts singing...
"Brain humara kahin gir gaya
Kee karyee kee karyee?"

Siting in the stadium looking at everyone...."Know....mera dil chata ek laser beam in movies....huge si ho....and jitney bhi faltu loag hain idher sab ko uthti hui broom cleaning up all the mess....Pura college khali hojaega...."

Friday, October 2, 2009

uzma says:

Abdullah says:
Lets do something =D

uzma says:

Abdullah says:

uzma says:
how do we do that?

Abdullah says:
Just do me? o_O

uzma says:

Abdullah says:
I dunno. n__n

uzma says:
me neither=(

Shit or poop?

This headache wont go away...
I dont like my IT class anymore. I mean I never liked it in the first place but I dont like it even more since mariam left. Everyone picks on me. And I never retort. Cuz. I dunno. They're lame. They call me cookie. And the senior batch calls me Milo.
We're gona get our final java applet project next week and its going to be a group project. And Im left with the following choices..:

a) A smart guy who's sure to get highest in class along with the most batameez cheeky bastard.

b) A dumb blonde trapped in a body of a 30 year old who keeps coming up with the lamest most illogical hypotheses and keeps trying to prove em and a nice nervous dude who's very easy to confuse.

c) A tall creep who keeps staring, a total complete stranger and a 40 year old PhD in whatever [who also like the blonde comes up with stupid theories].

I think Ima join group A. At least I'll get a good grade. Bleh. This sucks.


Thursday, October 1, 2009