Saturday, September 29, 2012

HTP, FREE, Personality Assessment, ANALYSIS, FREE, FREE!!!!

The whole blogger has long have I been gone? o.O
I dont have anything to write about in particular...and this is not as amusing as it used to be.
Enough about me. YOU!!
How are YOU??
Interested in a free personality assessment?
Draw an image of a tree, person, house and I shall do your analysis!!
Draw one or all of the things. But with a pencil.
Im just really bored...I dont have credit, no ones online, I have no work or homework, I've seen all the movies I had, I dont have any book to read and the game I was playing is giving me errors. So yes, I am very serious about the assessment.


Clearly the instructions I gave were stupid. Heres the thing. One drawing on ONE page. Please dont cramp all three on the same page. NO stick figures. Also, please put a little effort in the drawings. According to ones I have received so far, you guys may be suffering from mild mental retardation.
Yes YOU me and Insane!!