Saturday, February 20, 2010

And I miss you....
like the deserts miss the rain...=[

I often say lol when I dont like the joke or when I dont get it.
Im so bored and sick.
If one of my dude friends text me right now Im sO willing to have an intimate conversation.
My mum refers to my pc as my 'dulha'......which is kind of weird.....
Theyre weird people.

I have flu. Oh world stop moving. I have flu.
I demand attention and love.
Oh this be such a huge deal.

I need some lovin' alryte.

I want a Lion. And a snake. And a tarantula.
I dont love lions but I just want to hug one really really tight and pull his hair. Like cuddle with a lion and watch a movie:\
But I LOVE snakes. I wana wrap one around me. I'd look so hot=D
I wana play with a snake and a lion together=[
I woudlnt play with a tarantula I jus wana keep it in my room. Oh and a pink dragon millipede. Hot.
I want a crocodile too. But I dont really have place to keep it. And its also kind of dirty. But I still love them. Maybe I'll wrestle with one. ^.^

Cats and Dogs are GAY.

My mum wont buy me any of these. All I ever got was a pet gay baby turtle. It was cute. But it ate my goldfish. I started feeding it earth worms [which I dug with my bare hands] and then I forgot to feed it for like a week and when I came back Goldie was dead. I shouldnt have kept them together. But bleh.
Hug. Lion. Now.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Funny how cute adorable babies turn out to be such assholes.

Ramble ramble. Feel free to skip this one.

People are so full of it. Acting like a 'I-know-everything-and-you-dont-and-I-have-experienced-everything-you-havent-I just-know-everything-so-God-damn-well-and-my-emotions-are-so-deep-and-real-cuz-you-dont-know-shit-and-Ive-felt-so-much-that-I-feel-no more-and-that-is-why-Im-so-different-and-original-Oh-oH-Im-so-special'....
Like...dude....get the fuck over your gay self.
Nobody cares.

I have to study.
Im 21 and I still dont have my CNIC.
This dude in my class is so dumb...we were giving our test and..

Dude : Sir...whats the answer of the 18th blank?"

Dumb dude : "yaar...the answer is Indexer. Just see the size of the blank. All the other options are too small. Indexer is gona fit perfectly."

And he wasnt even kidding:\

I dint like Avatar. Please dont kill me. Actually I havent really seen the whole thing.....My brother has...twice. But Ive seen enough to say that its not all that.
Alien romance is just ugly.
The movie is overrated.
Aliens should not fall in love.
Im not mean.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oink oink here and an oink oink there..

Im finally done with I.T. Today was my last class. Final online exam in March. Im not going to miss it. Maybe a little but not much. But they will miss me for sure...>]
I dont like using these gay emotes.
Know whats annoying?
When someone tells me that they like me...taking it all dramatically towards love and shit. I mean theek like me alryte...but like....what am I supposed to do? Are you expecting me to stop my life till you feel normal again? What do you have in mind?
I mean...its not my fault you cant control your outrageous secretion of testosterone. Why make me feel bad about my normal hormones?
They think theyre the only ones with these feelings and that no one has ever felt it before. And if you try to explain all thats going on in them physically they say "you dont understand" like Im some kind of an alien from a remote planet of moronic robots.
Stupid gay idiots. But theyre not as stupid as they appear to be. Theyre actually quite.....forget it. I dont want to. was your day? ^.^

Weird how the title has nothing to do with the post.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Of nuts and balls..

B.A is one sorry ass degree.
Its like a sin to do it. what do you do?
Not much I just got done with my BBA from fancy ass shit and now Im applying to a fancier ass shit for my MBA. What about you?
uh...Im still waiting to give my B.A exams...*jumps in acid*
Ye kia batameezi hai?
Honestly, theres nothing else Id rather be doing. Cuz you see, I actually like the subjects I study. The only reason Im doing my IT bullshit along is to get a damn job. Since nobody considers B.A a degree. Itni discrimination hai....ufff..:'[

But fuck that. Seen baby tv? No? You should. Its not as annoying as it appears to be. Theres this show 'Baby Chef' where a bunch of kids make things like an ice-cream sandwich and fruit jelly and pretend that its real food and then eat it. And Miss kettle dresses up like a prostitute. But thats not the point. The point is that theres a show called 'Baby Balls'...:\
Ive never really seen the show itself...but its something about different size of balls playing and talking and shit. Its just disturbing. I dont allow my baby cousin to watch it. Neither should you.

Do you like nuts? I was just eating them the other day and I realized that I dont hate them as much as I say I do. In fact, I actually like them. Its just that my mum telling me to eat them is a turn off. She just sucks the fun out of food by telling me all its nutrient facts. I mean...I dont care. And I wont for the next ten or twenty years. Also, I regretfully accept the fact that my taste buds are not as skilled as I thought they were. I cant tell much difference between salted Cashew and salted Almonds.
And this is how everything I do ends....*emo*

Friday, February 12, 2010

*write something creative bitch*...tch...dont bitch yourself publicly, stupid.

Missed me?
Did you?
Say yes?
Please? :[

sup with :[..?:O
My keyboard has been disemboweled. Only I know how I did all that coding, copy pasting punctuations. was my Fye-fuckin-ly...and it was awesome *insert exclamation mark here*.
I feel so incomplete without it...:[ <--Gay. But bleh. My Presentation Was AWESOME....:O After the first long, ten, awkward minutes of being ogled at, it was all milk and and chocolate...*exclamation* HAAN...caramel and chocolate:D Half the people dint know what I was talking about and the other half has a crush on annoying silly mistakes....just me rocking their limbic systems at a sinfully pleasurable pace....*insert three exclamation marks here*

And so it is....just like
you I said it would be...

We moved in with my grandfather, cuz hes all alone...yada yada emo family bullshit.
So now my dysfunctional family consists of an adorable grandfather [whom I love dearly], an anti-social aunt [who doesnt get along with me mommie that well], a concerned mother [who, after years of nonsensical melodramatic bullshit cant help but suffer from mild paranoia every now and then], a brother who couldnt possibly care any less and a closet emo warrior who abuses her memory for pleasure. We make one heck of a sitcom. Too bad its all real. Blah?
Yes *insert exclamation*.....
I dont feel assertive enough without one of those.
In the loving memory of exclamation mark....I end this. Here.

P.S. The crush is Gone. Dead and decayed. In the tummies of constipated worms.