Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fried Eggs.

I wrote this big ass post and then something happened and its gone. And now Im going to write it all over again because not blogging about stuff makes me anxious since I have so many opinions about so many things and I dont want to bore anyone in real life. You're welcome. Its been ten days you know. I missed you bloggie=[
Okay no.
I just end up taking more work than I can handle. And then I procrastinate to make the whole thing worse. But that doesnt concern you. Nothing on this blog does. Anyway. Lets take on thing at a time.

Emo Religious People Dudes. I dont want to point any sect in particular and I dont want to discriminate and I dont want to sound like a hater. But. Um. How do I say this without sounding like a Ka'afir. Why are shia people so in my face with their beliefs? Why so often? I mean...we're all familiar with the muharram grandiosity. Once a year is alright. I hug once a year. I taste kaleji once a year. I fall in love once a year. Once a year is acceptable. But...since muharram, I have witnessed at least four public displays of religious craziness. Why so often? Why howl and cry on loud speakers? Why on a Saturday man? Do you know Saturday comes after five long working days? Followed by a Sunday? After which the vicious cycle of working days begin all over again? Fried egg. Fried egg.'re getting annoying alright. And the bad part, you cant say anything because it is religious. The best you can do is ignore. Only if I could turn off my ears. Loud speakers should be banned in this country. We're not educated enough to handle such tools.

There were a bunch of other things i wanted to talk about but Im tired. Rida and I had a little tea party today. We had pizza and that fajita filled bread thing and the chicken pie thingie thing and chocolate tart and dark chocolate brownie and white chocolate mousse[which sucked] and pineapple cake [which sucked so much more] and chocolate chip cookies...oh ze cookies. I like cookies. Cookies I like.
You know the mere thought of having good food makes me smile sheepishly like an 18 year old boy makes his 16 year old girl smile by suggesting something dirty for the first time in public. And I dont even like cats that much.

Friday, March 18, 2011


I like the way You grind with that booty on me.
Shorty you a dime why you looking lonely?
Im too busy to be doing this right now.

Damn right Im showing off. But you wouldnt know what Im showing off about.
Well, lets just say my teeny tiny hypothetical organization is expanding and generating great revenues for the shareholders. And by shareholders I mean me and my awesomeness.
Go buy another round and its all on me.
As long as Im around put it down on me. Or dont. Whatever. Like I said. Im busy.

And just to cover up the lameness, I shall upload my latest sketch.
Which reminds me....there's this random dodo at my university who saw me sketching and asked "wow...tum diagrams bhi banati ho?"
So here's the diagram:

Friday, March 11, 2011

Senses desensitized.

My oral communication class has made me realize that I may not be as confident as I like to think I am. I've also learned that Im always nervous and guarded even when Im talking to family members. Even though the nervousness is subconscious [hate the stupid term] unconscious its not cool. Im just really glad that people here dont know much about body language n all that fancy psychological stuff...
I know I have an opportunity to have total control on myself and improve and bull but knowing that Ive actually not been the master of myself all these years is rather upsetting because Ive been under that impression all my life. Anyway, I would rather not know.

Moving on, I have this weird obsession with desensitization. My mums claustrophobia is now getting worse. So much that she's having trouble falling asleep with the closed door. Remember how I dont have my own room and have to share one with my mom? Yeah. So I cant sleep when the door or any window is its kind of frustrating. Anyway, the point is...I was telling her how she should consider systematic desensitization to get rid of the fear and try sleeping in a grave-like box. She, of course, freaked out. I dont see anything wrong with the idea. There are two possible outcomes to this situation: You conquer your fear; Your fear conquers you [resulting in death]. Either way, it gets rid of the problem. So I was wondering, does the process apply to feelings as well? Because I think it does.
Like...okay...I've tried it a couple of times and it actually worked.
You know how I think I often stumble on very disturbing thoughts that really creep me out...Like I used to have this thought, when my cousin was born two years back, that Im standing on a bride, holding her in my hands, which is built over this deep scary sea. And its really really dark and all I can hear is the sound of the gushing waves against the pillars of the bridge and then suddenly my cousin slips out of my hands. The thought scared the shit out of me and I couldnt stop thinking about it. Eventually I got tired of ignoring and decided to let go. Every time it came to my mind I made sure I think the whole thing through from her dropping to drowning to picturing how dark it was beneath and the branches that she'd get caught in and the water reaching her ears and brain and every possible detail that you can imagine...and now the thought doesnt bother me anymore.
Same goes for feelings [except for physical pain]...I'd elaborate but the examples are a little personal. But the process has helped me become apathetic toward a lot of things and people and feelings associated with those people.

I really wana study this shit in detail once Im a pro and come up with a way to get rid of nauseating emotional feelings everyone keeps complaining about like hurt and depression and betrayal and um...whatever negative feelings that people have.
I know I dint quite make the case up there but I dint write it right. I mean...the theory is not based on this nor am I referring to systematic desensitization in particular. Also, you're not my professor. I have it all worked out in my head. Well, parts of it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011



Mujhe bhook lagi hai

mujhe bhi


So you're just gona be sad and not do anything about it?

i could write a blogpost about it
but i'm afraid it might change the world.


Mujhe bhi hot fb dp chaye.
But Im too lazy to click one and too obnoxious for anyone else to take it for me.
Also, I say inappropriate things when exposed to emotional social situation which results in an awkward silence. I hate awkward silence. Its so uncomfortable and awkward. And long.
Also, Im hating my job. Its only good as long as I dont get a revision. Revisions suck. Everyone who has demanded a revision on my awesome work deserves hell for not doing the work themselves and being stupid enough to rely on a stranger for their grade. Also, they all deserve to fail.
I wana sub.
I also wana laptop and a goddamnmemorycardbenchoabouttime!
Also, I get confused when someone tries to be 'nice' to me...not knowing the intentions of the subject makes me uncomfortable. I have no one to go to dunkin donuts with me for breakfast. I have decided to go alone whenever I can because an omwich is totally worth it.
nice legs, daisy dukes, makes a man go *woot woot*
Also, pizza jelly FTW!
Aishwarya Rai is the most annoying person alive. I hate how she giggles and chews an imaginary bubble while she talks.
My management teacher is the Bomb. She the prettiest thing Ive seen.
I also like egg n butter.
I just did a revision and Im going to get an another revision on that revision.
Sometimes I just wana quit.
Do your own damn work bitch.
But how else will I earn and pay my god damn fees?
Low cut, see through shirts that make you *woot woot*
Thats the way they all come through like *woot woot* *woot woot*

Also, no one understands me and Im tired of being misunderstood.
Haan pata hai. Bus chup.

Also, dont you dare call my work redundant!