Thursday, April 30, 2009


So where do I begin?
Ryte here I think.....Im in my lame-st of moods and faarig-est of times....So keeping the situation in mind Im going to blog about the gay-est of people.
Ya know the kind who would get himself circumcised just to get sympathy....The one who would sleep with an animal as long as hes considered to be *different*...
Yeah....we all know one of these...who annoys the shit out of us trying hard to be a *good* person...the ultimate Loser noone cares about and yet cant tell him off because we dont want any feelings to get hurt...Why are people so oblivious? so aloof? Oh why can I not personaly go and rip out some their respiratory system out of their throat? Oh why all these boundries?

But whatever....damn....Why does it always end wrong?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I forgot how to blog. I dont know what to write. The only one who gives a shit about *you* is you.
It sucks when...ugggh..
Nothing is good enough to be mentioned.
Nothing is ever good enough for anyone actually (its not a literal 'anyone' of course there are exceptions).

One of the worst combinations next to parrot green and bright orange AND orange flavored chocolate (I really dont get it...) is that of Hate & pity...It can be really confusing.
What I've realized is that everyone is different like everyone its cool:\
Nobody wants to understand yet everyone wants to be understood.

There are so many jokes I dont get to crack cuz then evryone else would feel awkward. NOT cuz they perverted but because....ugh nevermind.

"In Pakistan’s commercial capital, Karachi, a company that makes 2,000 fetish and bondage products operates next to a mosque."


Saturday, April 25, 2009

This way she moves in the logic of all my dreams..

soo...I was just updating my maid's mp4 today.......
YES my maid's mp4...SHE has it and I dont:(
....shes been saving money for 3 years now...GOOD JOB ASIA!!:D
She deserves it.
ummm....well I dont really have much to type...I mean I do...but nothing interesting...politics is just shit...I mean...Either do aomething about it or jus shut the fuck up:\

I wake in pain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand

Its saturday nyte...and I m free....its perfect....Im bored...Noones home....just...ME all alone with my vain lame self!!

This fire burns
I realize that nothing's as it seems

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sufi soap *Dhan dHan Dhan DHAN*

This shit is taking forever to download....and this kutta page took like an hour to open....Bc they all out there to get me!
We saw Othello today[Our whole literature class]....Like reading it wasnt enough....But we all got to bunk psychology..soo...But I used to like Anthony Hopkins before watchin the not sure I can say the same after...:(
I totally scored In my IT class today....and then I was helping this guy next to me...hes nice...but bohat stupid hai bechara.
Aaannd...Yeah I wont be able to go at Kainats on saturday...Sowwie Rida...I really wnated to for you:( [like shes gona fall for] No but seriously....Oh Im getin this deja vu...:s
Anyway...yeah I wanted to go for Rida...But now I cant whole shit with IT bla bla bla...
*does the happy dance*

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

peeyaa-jaay piyaaa-jaaay

So I have a presentation tomoro....My psycho presentation....on some shit topic picked out by the shithead. So Im doin exactly what Im suposed to...not preparing....Im not jus not actually doing stupid shit I normaly dont do.
Anyway......I just realized (Ive realized this a million times before but what the heck i'll act like its a brand new feeling) yeah I *just* realized how self-centered I am...whenever someone tells me something some shit....I end up making it all about me and how I feel...ya know like say...yeha the most recent example:

ȣ says:
i think i lost my glasses too
ȣ says:
i forgot them at iba
uzma says:
I hate it when I loose my practicaly blind without em

see....How I made it all about yeah...I'll just move on till I realize how selfish I am all over again and then post it dramatically here. Im hungry...FOOD...NOW:@:@

[about the title.....thats the topic Im suposed to do my presentation on...Stages of child development as presented By Piaget - I know stupid ryte!]

Monday, April 20, 2009


Footnote: Karachi is already feeling the Taliban pinch. Co- educational schools in Defence, Clifton and Saddar areas are known to have received visits and been threatened if they do not change, others have been sent letters with the same message.
- Dawn News,
Sunday, 19 Apr, 2009
By Ardeshir Cowasjee.

suicide bombers were caught at Forum.
- Source - Mariam Hameedi.
[NO I usually dont really believe what I hear from "people" but so far whatever information She has given me is yeah.]


Now Im not gona waste my time preaching the holy shit and the good and the bad and all that crap. People with authority and means just dont give a flying fuck so whatever I or any other person says just spreads Noise pollutions and is a waste of time and energy.
TIME reminds of time checks that we get after every 15 minutes. Of all the nations in the world....The people of our sacred holy land is given a time check...that too after EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES!!!
Jis kawm kai loag unknown numbers per SMS "fwd" kerkey and MISSED CALL dey ker TIME guzaartey hain UNKO time bataya jata hai after every FIFTEEN minutes!!!
Talk about Irony my friends.


Today our dear beloved Muraad Baba forgot to ring the bell (AGAIN)....the class gets over at 11....But I dint hear the bell till 11:10...Now under normal circumstances I wudnt really protest BUT It was the SEMEN I had to spend the time with...sO I jus told her that we have another class so please spare us from her words of wisdom. And she went all "...Uzma the bell dint people already wasted so much of time...all of you are always disinterested in the class...bwa bwa bwa.."
and then after 2 minutes she got up and left because MURAAD baba wudnt ring the damn bell....Kiu itni immature harkatain kerty hain?

anyway...I love me frnds...I knwo im all bychy with them and say shit about them from time to time....but I really DO like them.

tempo kharab hogaya...cuz I took a lil break after the semen crap....ugh...

I think I should stop being a bych to my friends.....including Rida:p
Really wasnt making up any story babez...:$

...Mustafa people got seperated today......yep....shitness!!!
Poor kids....people are such self-centered pathetic psychotic idiots......I dunno what they want. Papa was so alone, even cried.....its all in pieces....bits and pieces....left for us to pick up.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little Naima ):

....I skipped college today....Im sick *ahem ahem* really I am...stupid fever...:@
But I like thora sa fever the body is all warm n the whole sleepy chars-o-fied feeling....aint that bad.
But I have to get things done....I cant afford to get sick:\
I dont like making the same mistakes again....but Im so tempted:s

Abi tou 5-7 years hain perhai khatam honey main....kitna perhu mai bechari:'(
I hope the CSS shit works out. And I actually like the whole html shit we started...Im actually getting the shit.

I feel....this pathetic feeling....but not that of being pathetic...nevermind.

Mrs. Semen has a 16 yr old daughter her name is Naima....and she calls her *little Naima*....
Poor little Naima...I feel bad for her=(

THIS MY FRIENDS => ): Is an ulta smiley....and I dont like it when people make it like that. I mean.....yeah I wOULD diss but Im REALLY NOT in the mood. Im jus writing for the sake of it actually.

Friday, April 10, 2009

ZONG - Sab keh dou!

......I have nothing to write...I dunno WHY I clicked on the "new post" shit....but anyway. I have to call Rida.....kab sey we dint talkie....I mis talking to her on the phonesssXx...and I miss school.....and I miss having a crush....and I find it funny how sometimes you can miss stff youve never really had...Its jus funny *tryna be deep*

But Jugni chad di A.C car..

There are sooo many things i dont find funny...In fact...I find most of the jokes not funny but I laugh anyway....Its like youre suposed to. Anyway id rather laugh than argue about the contents of the joke...Not like i consider my taste in humor to be superior or anythin..

But Jugni kaindi English bol..

So I like FINALLY had cool in ka *zinger*....My friends were all its good and cheap and better n shit...And we dint have money today so we tried cool-in...BOY its overrated!! Too much pepper....dry...wasnt fresh and dont even get me started on those rubber sticks they call fries! But I dint complain trying this new thing where I dont complain and try to find *positivity* in everything...Though I secretly think the whole idea is naive and fruitless.....But Im trying. Its jus that I dont wana be something I hate (the whole oh-im-so-depresed routine). What I have is more than what I deserve (also I deserve alot more)....this is one lame post....I soo wudnt read it and if YOU really HAVE read it...Oh well.....Thanx:)..?
hahahahha...> :) is sooo gay!!

AANNDD....I had this really weird dream about Rao..:s
He's this guy from my IT class....NOT hot....and I DONT have a crush on him...But the whole idea about me havin a dream about him is disturbing.
And I feel shitty cuz I forgot bil's birthday...first time in 4 years!! or 5....pata nai...but he was waiting. Yeah yeah I forget everyones birthday....but dunno...I jus hate jews...Not like Im a racist....but...I dunno...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


3 consecutive hours of psychology.....I actually grew hair during the lecture.

Mrs. Seemin : "ble ble eee tee wee SO THAT is the rea wea wea wea..."

afu : *sleeping*

Mrs. Seemin : Afeefah are you sleeping? (in the most nasal-isst accent ever!)

fufu : huh....what?

Semen : Are you sleeping?

fufu : no miss....

Semen : Are you sure?

fufu : Yes miss....

Semen : Okay....I thought you were sleeping....anyway...tee wee wee

*afeefah goes back to sleep*

......10 minutes later

Semen : Uzma dont put your head down and write it will effect your vision....


Yeah she's for real!!

I would write about ME but I dont feel like.....nothing unusual happend today...I feel...nothing actually....I have to prepare for the shitness tomoro...aaanndd....No Im in no mood of politics....I forgot kainat's anniversary today...pooor thing msged me herself...And please dO notice how every sentence is about ME ryte after I wrote "
I would write about ME but I dont feel like"

.......YEAH I'm a hypocrite.....and I contradict myself quite alot.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I wrote another piece of bullshit. Whatever. Bla bla with the test.....bla bla my day...bla bla oh how much everything irritates me oh bla bla bla.

For some very odd reason....when a person talks to me he/she expects me to know ever single song and every angraizi movie ever made. WHY? They just keep on asking me whether Ive heard the blah song and if I say yes they move on to another song....its like a loop....UNTIL I say no...I haven't heard THAT....thats when the loop breaks and they just HAVE to talk about THAT particular song.
*Oh you havent heard tHAT song..? are you like serious? Uzma you've gOT to hear that song its just AWSOME*.....same goes for the movie.....
Are you like shitting me? Did I ask your 'dou' rupay ka opinion? Is that suposed to impress me? Are you gay?

I dunno why everyone acts different with me....Im sick of it. They all different with everyone else...but the rules change when it comes to me. *ITS ALL ABOUT ME ME ME....bhench...*
Its almost like I give away this kutta vibe that everyone feels the need to act like a bitch with me.
Whatever bitch!

Then we have these oh-so-cool emo's!
What the hell is emo anyway? Its not even an adjective. Its just a style of music. Like what the fuck is up with THEM?
*oh....nooone understands....go away leave me in disgrace...I just wana die...But you dont understand...since Im the only one who understands me cuz im the only one on this planet with will never understand....cuz im so deep and full of shit*
Die bitches!
Why dont you just keep your shit to yourself because no one REALLY understand....In fact nobody wants to understand you know why? BEACAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO UNDERSTAND DIPSHIT!!


Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yet another breaking news.....This time in Islamabad...I have a feeling Karachi is next.
Now I know no point writing...Im not tryna pretend that I care more than anyone else...we all are equally the point that we are pointing at each other and Ive started noticing this ethnic division now....not very clear but indirectly the *blame-game* HAS begun....not to the extent of a civil war - yet.

I came across many opinions today....regarding the "Halaat-e-Pakistan"...
Mostly people are really mad at 'Pathans'...They think its them carrying out the whole *Holier than thou* routine...some are so pisd that they're going to the extent of calling N.W.F.P and Balochistan a 'burden' on Pakistan and dont mind them cutting them off...I fail to see the logic here since we're not the ones taking care of Balochistan its THEM taking care of us....most of our natural resources are in Balochistan and what do we give them in return? Not much. Hum karachi and Lahore walon key nakhrey khatam hoon tou unki baari aye....Jus cuz they not educated and dont really have a platform to voice their opinion and defend themselves.

Aur Yeh suddenly Pathans itney violent kaisey hogai? They've been a part of us since '47....why the change of mind all of a sudden? And even iF they ARE the pathans gone Psycho...just for the sake of argument....are we suposed to leave the sane innocent women and children to the mercy of those idiot?

*lights went out*

now I dont feel like continuing...
so today I went from being indifferent to awsome to sad to depress to happy to saxay and now back to being indifferent...:s

Dus main kisnu ?
Dus main kisnu haal sunawan?
dus main jawan keere?


Ammi khush tou biwi naraz
Biwi khush tou ammi naraz
Faraz Faraz Faraz Faraz

<3 dabby=D

Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Grace Time"

So we have this new rule....noones allowed to enter the colleg afer 9 a.m ryte. So my friend got late the other day so she was stuck with a bunch of other students who were satndin outside begging to enter...They were all arguing with the gatekeeper to let them in. So this guy probably some girls brother goes all :

Genius : janey dain bhai...paisey le lain..

Gatekeeper : nai nai humain principal daantey ge.

Genius : bhai "Grace Time" bhi koi cheez hoti hai..

.....Ye grace time kia cheez hoti hai? But it was quite clear that he applied alot of "logic"...I think he derived the term from "Grace Marks" which we were all given last year or maybe the year before.

Im sick....and Im pisd. Its annoying how someone else's action can bring about a drastic change in your life...I hate living the consequences of the decisions I never got to make.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


....wherever it is it better not be in my drink. I hate pulp in my juice...I dont get the point...IF I wanted the pulp I'd EAT THE DAMN FRUIT instead of goin thru the trouble of getin a juice!!! But I guess the world has bigger issues at the 'mo'...

So turns out Obama and I are related (according to fb's "we're related" application)...Thats the most absurd thing Ive heard this week. What kind of fuckheads come up with this shit?
And I hate it when people tell me about some stupid wedding that they attended or some stupid story about their cozins friend who was lookin oh-so-hot- the other day...I DONT WANT TO KNOW WHAT KASHAF UNCLE SAID TO JAMEELA AUNTY WHEN SHE SNEEZED IN PUBLIC!!!

I dont wana go to college tomorrow....Eveyrones turned into such a pessimist...I remember back in school the only pessimist I knew was all my friends are so negative about almost everything. As in.....arrey bhui I dont like to explain shit...Im not good at it.
Im hungry!

*Tum aye tou aya mujhey yaad
gali main aaj chaand nikla....*

who the fuck writes these songs??:s

I dont like desperate people....And Loud people....and attention seekers....and people who use fancy words to impress....and crowds....and the people in crowds...and just people in general....
If it were upto me I dont mind carrying out a genocide against...not against any race - Im NOT a racist!!...but against the ones who annoy Paris Hilton and Sahir Lodhi and Begum Nawazish Ali.....But not people like Zardari...Noo...I wudnt jus Kill him....I'd send him...and the ones like him in My very own personal concentration camp...YEAH! ! Only its gona be much MUCH fierce........