Friday, February 27, 2009

cuz life is a lesson - you learn it when you're thru!

Redheey finaly broke up......for now atleast. I hope she sticks with it:(
baby ws crying on the fone:( I wish i were there to hug her.
I wish she could come tomoro to the picnic with us.....I wish zain wont kill himself n move on. I wish zardari wernt an ass and all the politicians were loyal. I wish people wernt so aloof all the time. I wish ppl dint think their opinion to be final n gave a shit abt the other person. I wish we had enough electricity to light up the whole country all the time. I wish all this si a dream n we all wake up in heaven n live happiy ever after......*SIGH*

Im gona watch primal fear today...i dont wana....but mariam really wants me to soo...but i have to complete my prac:(
Why are the alternates always shittier than the original shit?
Why do girls have a crush on Edwards Cullen? (Im talking abt the character not Robert Pattinson - though hes just as gay!)...

Im still gettin newsfeed on fb sayin *some pathetic bych became a fan of twilight* or *some 13yr old joined the Cullen fanclub*......its been ages now loosers GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!
I really dont know why it jus pisses me off really bAD...theres soo much wrong with the whole shit i dont evn know wher to begin!!! Its like Stephnie Suck Meyer invented it to piss me off. The sole purpose of the whole twilight-saga.
The only thing worse than twilight is its fans.....and they are more annoying than Harry Potter fans......Though Harry Potter is less gay.....but wait....nooo.....they both Equally GAY!
Die you pathetic fans DIE!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

World, hold on..

ayte so i totaly made a fool outa myself in my IT class, and now i dont feel like going back...
There ws a surprize test n i ofcrse dint know the answers...jus knew like 2 outa 5...and dis guy totally ofernd to help me out...he gave me his whole answer sheet but i dint feel like writing so i gave a blank paper instead:s
it ws a shit test anyway everyone ws cheating...sooo all kinda bullshit. Oh n i kinda misbehaved with the substitue...not exactly misbehave but i byched abt the real teacher n den i got so angry i started mimicng him n now i feel bad:s
hehe...dat ws funny....
Oh another incident with my name....The substitute called me *umer* instead of *uzma*
That ws kinda funny:D:D

I hope tomoro will be better. I know ima fail....buh its jus a stupid test ryte...:s
im jus nervous cuz it ws the first test.....usually i dont really care if i pass the tests cuz i totaly make it thru the finals. BUt....dunnooo....letsss seee......

HEIGHT OF HOPE : I gave a blank paper n im still hoping i wont fail:s

All i wana do is *banG bAng BanG* and *ka Ching* and take your money:D

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

so its one of those days when i feel like dying...when i jus wana sleep n never wake up...i dont wnaa talk to noone...dont wana eat...dnt wana see or listen...jus wana block all my damn sense for no aparent reason.

why dont i ever have a reason? why cant i ever identify it? why is there no motivation? Im jus alive for the sake of it..:(
Not a single shit that i look fwd to....

why do i even try!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

oho...i dnt like thinking for titles!

...ayte so i was checking out 10 most dangerous places on earth....and guess what?
PAKISTAN is NOT on the list...*weeeeeeeeeee*..=D (happy of the day)
aaand also we're the 6th most populated.....ermm...
Though Russia is the largest country in the world its less populated than pakistan...pffttt...thats all we do in pakistan...take loans and make babies!!

papa's coming...i feel sick..:(
I hope he wont come

is this the way its meant to be...only dreaming that u missing me!!


Raize : can you guys see what I type?
Tamara : no, raize

Raize : How do I set it up so you can see it?


Friday, February 13, 2009

im hungry - again!

Reading all these blogs makes me feel....not like everyone. I dont enjoy standing out of the crowds anymore. Blah blah woi same old kahani!

So its FRIDAY the 13th! (thankyou Ducki for pointing that out:p)...Nothing creepy happend:( - yet.
Which brings us to tomoro....FEBRUARY the 14th (thats valntines day - in case u dint know)! Cant wait to go to coleg. Its gona be a scene! Last year Anum Nasir (this creepy man-like-woman hated by ALL whose greatest acievment is prolly being mentioned on my blog!!) she made braids with red ribbons, red nail paint, full eye make-up, and had a red rose in her hand...Now iagine her walking on the basket ball court playing with the rose like Shahzada Saleem....eheheh.

"Soemtimes life tickles me."=D

And i have a damn test tomoro - haha look at me talkin abt it like i care.
50 cent is UGHLEY!
Afeefah's been msgin me for hrs now...I dint read her I dont feel like.....I never feel like...not jus her...its everyone. And its not them - its me! Love that line!! makes everything better...*its not you - its me!* - hehe

P.S. The above statement is not true. Its always the other person!

Monday, February 9, 2009


its raining:D:D
i love it wen it rains...eveyrthings all nice and green n wet...and the sound..
its soo pweety...though in the end i feel sad Pata nahi keeyuu..(or maybe i do)...but yeah its...nice.
tomor is Off...*yeah babaay*....nmm
i baked yestrday...nai day before ws goood....and the cream wasnt too sweet like last tasted nice.
i'll upload the pic:D

i dnt like ti wen people get personal...not even my frnds. It pisses me off. and sumtimes shyan get all...werid and startes talkin all the shit in forn of like anyone. its anoying. makes me unmfrtble.
thats what haoend today....mariam n all suddenly started off with askin me personal questions and i ws all....yeah uhh...its cool....hehe....afu said i pulled it off quite well....and dey dint figure out shit unless dey saw my eyees.
they can be VERY tricky...buh i like em:D

Thursday, February 5, 2009

heh... some random girl whos tryin hard to get over a fucked up relationship (or so it seems)... goes thru the trouble of readin my craap AND actually bothers to write shit abt it (to which i surprizngly agree:s).....and i end up liking
but yeah the post isnt abt thAT...its abt....nothing actually..
no matter how hard i try i end up witing one way or the other.

so yeah another one of my frnds is gona go an extra mile cuz she thinks shez in *love*...whats with it seriouslY? *love* is overrated!
so the day is kinda good so far....the food ws good...besides THAT....oh and i burnd myself today...with an iron...thats a funny story also embarsng so im gona go ahead and ignore dis one.

its...not a bad day today.....its....Interesting!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

dance foeveaaaa.......and ev ev evaaaaa

i hate the starting and the ending parts...of everything....its soo awkward!
mostly i dont know wher to start n how to never seems ryte...
be it writing anything or meeting anyone or a call....weeeeeeeeird!

anyway...sometimes i dont like to understand...i end up understanding everything...all the lame reasons.
i just dont want to....just ONCE i dont want to understand why someone acted the way they did! im sick of the reasons...dey all have em.
theres always a reason and i always understand it...i dont want to:(
i HATE zardari.....kutta sala!!!
and i dont like watching or readin news....makes me angry:@

main jugni daa sajna jugnii...oooOOoOOoOoo....:s
mainu jhoot bolkey jaandi aaai...phir jhoota mainu banadi aaai...oO

soo my IT class dint totally suck today...i think im getin used to it. tomoro i hav an almost 3 hr long psycho ki class....:|
ive made it thru ALOT but im not sure if i can get thru this one...:s
i hate colleg now.....not a sigle class i look fwd
stupid machers.....if only dey were zardari's pants.......ehehehehehehehe