Monday, March 30, 2009

Salman Taseer and Rehman Malik should RESIGN. Yeah now they're gona read my blog, get in touch with their souls, resign and we're all gona work towards the betterment of the society and live HAPPILY EVER AFTER:@:@

Someone told me today that Bilawal threw a party and asked Zardari for 10 million, which daddy kutta gladly gave. Now I dont know if its true or not...but they've been such bastards that its hard not to believe every single piece of shit that yu hear. Can you blame me for believing?


I had a lil cat fyte was fun=D
Those immature juniors totally made a fool outa themselves...Oh man Im GoOeD!!
so this weird girl with the most unproportionate body (Im not being mean but its very noticible!!) she ws pointing at me and sayin something. No i'll start frm the start...these kids they were siting in the common room n i ws satndin with my frnds...and sudenly they started sayin i went up to them and:

me : im sorry to disturb you but are you sayin something?

byches : NO (in the most paindu-est accent imaginable!)

me : Oh I thot you said sumthing.

byches : Do you have a problem?

me : No. Do you?

byches : nO.

me : Are you retarded?

byches : No. (Now jus chek out the height of stupidity - the idiot ACTUALLY replied to the are you retarded question!)

and that ugly fig lady satrted pointing at me n she ws sayin some shit but I too distracted by her ugly pukish-purple-ish nail paint and werid nail when she ws done talking I was all...

[turns out some unexpected ppl are reading so censored=s]

theers more but I dont feel like typing

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I wana Bych Slap my neighbour's kid! there used to be these family moms actually....they got a lil tooo friendly. The uncle was sort of a....what shud I a *baba* sort...but not the typical one. He could read minds that much Im sure of cuz he read mine once...well...almost. Being a psychology student, Id rather call him an illagal psychiatrist performing hypnotism on people without their permission and influencing their behavior. Khair...He sent his son's proposal for me....I refused cuz he's too young...he's exactly my age maybe a year older....and short......and we are NOT a match. Its like...he's a steak and Im chocklate...we're both good....jus not together. I refused.

NOW after a year turns out he actually held a grudge against us...He did some shit on my mom n shes been havin troubles.....and some shit on me cuz Ive been quite unhealthy for a while. That is according to my mom of course. She thinks Ive *shrunk* since Im all skinny and dont put on weight. I dont believe this shit but her source is good but like whatever. And ever IF he did something....Im glad that he did.....I <3 my body and the last thing I want is to put on more weight!! I eat all I want wihtout having to worry about the consequences. So this post it dedicated to Uncle Haider for blessing me with such a miracle.

Thank YOU uncle haider - YOU ROCK=D

*edited - stupid net ws byching!*


OH crap I had to reply *nenu*...:$:$
so yeah Im having a lame-boring-annoying sunday. Moms being paranoid again. She too is a kinds of Mrs. SEEMIN. Its funny how we have her kind of people all around us. The kind of people who have the legal authority to screw you up and if you complain the only one in trouble is gona be you so you jus have to keep up with their shit cuz theres not much you can do about it...

puck puck puck puckaaaaaaaa!!

*Yeh keh ker Gul Khan ney lerkion per truck charha diaa..
"Bachna aey haseenon lo main agaya"....*


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Har cheez *Meezan* main achi lagti hai! - thanku wijdan for the corection=p

There seems to be a Shakespeare in all of us. Everyone's trying to be different....WHY? I dont get it. Whats wrong with being *normal*...I dont think Im going anywhere with this.
So ANYWAY....I like totally passed the stupid test today....for the very FIRST time....and i dint jus pass...I totally nailed the shit, got 19 on 20, compared to the 4 on 35 I got the last time, its pretty AWSOME!!

*shakes her booty*

I dont hate Sherry Rehman anymore....Her personal character is none of my concern...But she seems to be quite resposible with her job n shit.
I dont write anymore.....I hate how everything on this blog is about *me* and how everything *I* like and hate. Im so self absorbed.

Mrs. SEEMIN actually liked my report on meditation...I got a 5 on 10 on that which ws the second highest int the class....the highest being 5.5...the girl got the extra *.5* for writing a
So yeah....she admitted that she liked my report BUT still she gave only 50%....which shows how hard she tries to maintain the quality of her hypothetical standards (which she obviously doesnt have)....And it was supposed the be the individual's personal experience and *I* think its very rude of a teacher to rate someones personal experience...noone ACTUALLY performed the act but thats another issue.

I feel indifferent again.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

twit wit twit

I feel smart after a long time. I actually understood the whole shit that ws goin on in my IT class. Mariam cracked some real dirty jokes and I think the guys heard 'em but they were decent enough to not comment on it. I actually had to tell her off.....FINE I was the one to instigate the porno joke but it was suposed to be a one time thing...but she went on n on...It wasnt evn ws like

mariam : whats with this ali thing?
(we were making a program and we took *ali* as the client name)

me : this isnt the ali program you doin...

mariam: then?

me : we doin the next *aslam* program

mariam: then who is ali?

me : its the guy you did before...

mariam: HEY what the hell do you mean I only did one guy - owais!!
(thats the name of her husband - yeah she married)

...and then she wudnt stop with the cheap jokes!! She really ticked me off today. SO did Mrs. Seemin.....her name is actually she sucks!! I hate hate her..shes the WORST teacher Ive ever had!!!
This is what she sounds like :

*tee wee wee weet tweet weet nee nee no no weet BUT bla bla some shit twit twit twit*

and Im NOT exaggerating....!!
BUT dont let the cuteness of the above mentioned demonstration fool you....shes a wicked fucked up woman taking all her shit out on the students who have to keep up with her *chey pey* because shes the head of our psychology department and she can screw us up pretty well in the practicals cuz the external jus so happens to be her buddy. This is shit.....

bohat naa insaafi hai" - these words never made sense before...and now that they do have a meaning ....the humor in it is lost.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Im giving away too much with this post...:s

So im finally sick of being misunderstood. Not misunderstood in the whole emo *noone understands me and my issues* buh more like *damn...thats not what i meant bych* kind of a way. Im used to Im confused why do i give a shit Now? Well....its annoying...there shud be ATLEAST ONE person alive who knows....I mean.....I SAY I MEAN ALOT AND IT PISSES ME OFF!!

I cooked and lets just say....Ive made better stuff.

*Im a firestarter - A keen instigator*

The latter part is true....I often instigate something and end up getin bored or irritated because of it..I start converstaions abt stff I dont wana talk about and when the other person develops ineterest i get pisd and tell em off...Yes thats what I do.

I dont express my annoyance as much as I used to. I think ive matured:$
*I hate this part ryte here...

I have soo much goin thru my head...ITNA SARA reality check that I wud like to give but I dont...sometimes I dont give a shit...and when I do I jus like the person too much to hurt.
*I hate this part ryte here...

I do so many things I dont wana do...I dont have to do...but I do them just to make sure if I really dont want it.
*I hate this part ryte here...

I miss people I shudnt miss...The ones Im suposed to hate...The ones who are politically incorrect to miss.
*and I hate this part ryte here...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Zardari Kutta!

Iss qawm ki faraghat sey main tang ayi hui hoon!!
ugh.....Everyone is so friggin farig....get a fucking life!!!
I really wud like to meet one of those jerks who jus randomly dial numbers n if they hear a voice they like they jus wana *make fraandship*...I mean c'mon man like what the fuck?
So i get these calls frm a stranger .... this is how it goes

asshole: heelo?
me: yeah?
asshole: aap koon?
me: kis sey baat kerni hai apko?
asshole: aapk ka naam kia hai?

and then i jus hang up and then i get some shit 4 of em...some stupid "
FARAZ" jokes...ek tou yeh Faraz ney dimag kharab kara hua hai bloody homo! Anyway I jus read one and it was sumthing like :
"how are you? me *
fain*. I want to be your frend plz tell your name"

khabees kaum!!! Zardari is exactly what we deserv
e!! Bloody assholes!

confessions (the ones noone gives a shit abt) Im nOT a good person....and im not just sayin it....and I know none of my friends will agree with this but its cuz I never tell them all the nasty shit that I do. Im mean and ignorant and selfish!!

I finally got my hands on the master print of Valkyrei....I had this faint voice telling me that its gona suck BUT i gnored and just to honor the memory of Hitler I saw it. (YES - Im a fan of Hitler but that doesnt mean i approve of the whole killing part) the voice was right!!
the movie SUCKED...okay it wasnt that bad...but i ws expecting it to be gooed!

I dunno WHY but i like getting rachael was a lil depressing but it managed to depress the shit outa me..

yeah that all i wana share ryte now.
Also I hate zardari!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Everyones in love BUt ME!!!
like what the hell?
I cant be thAt bad...I mean c'mon!!


my knees huirt from siting in the same position for hrs in front of my pc...and im loosing my pretty:(
everyone said soo...
my mom, my aunt, my maid, That lady from the IT department...mutlab Kiaaawww??

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stupid evil people piss me off!

Know what sucks?
know what else sucks?
Mrs. seemi...but shes an eternal sucker so ima leave her alone.
Back to blogging....I dont like it. Yet I read alota blogs and write on my blog....why? BECAUSE (when the sun shines we'll shine together - DAMN THAT SONG...i cant say *because* wihtout singing now....good rihana got it from Chris brown dat lil skank!!) anyway....writing is much better than living things ofcrse...especially the ones who can communicate....cuz then u have to keep up with their stupid opinions....I dint ask for it now did? BUT you jus assume that MAYBE uzma wants to know my opinion so im jus gona go ahead share my life wiht her!!
Paris Hilton is a bych....whatever....
that reminds me....wassup with these lil byches goin around sayin *what-ever-major-loser* doin that weird thing with their they hold up their 3 fingrs in the air and rotate it in the initials of the phrase *what-ever major loser* a W-E-M and then doin the *L* they jus discovrd some fancy scientific shit...pretending that its the smartist thing to do and oh how HOT they look doing it.
like W-T-F?
whats the logic?
whats the point of saying it out loud and then also talking in sign language?
How stupid can a person be?
Guess what these initials G0-F-Your-Self stand for??
yeah thats right....DIE!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I dont like to blink!

I had another weird dream....this time it was like really weird.....But im ot gona mention that part...i'll jus write down the gross stuff.
So it ws mee....and I was like angry...Noooo....I wasnt angry...infact it dint really start of that well...or maybe i dont reember.....but I was stabbing my aunt:s
No im not making this up!
I actually stabbed my aunt to death with a knife AND a fork in her throat:S
and eventhough she was dead I jus kept on stabbing her throat.
I dunno why i had dis dream....i wasnt evn mad at her....she dint do nothing...infact we had a very nice convo the mornin before. Its so freakin disturbing....And it was followed by alot of creepy stff which i dnt wana mention. I think God is mad at me...myabe...i dunno....ive been a real bych lately.

Monday, March 9, 2009

.......and again...

soo yes i baked 3rd time in a week....My mom asked me to. I have a feeling soon im gona start hating it. Anyway...i made plain-strawberry-creamcheese-sorta cake....The only reason im putin it up all here is cuz I wudnt wana know abt anyones *i baked a cake* story....its painfuly boring - and YES im aware of that so ima spare my frnds n all of the agony.

no i dint add strawberries in the batter....jus made strawberry sugar syrup n filled it in the middle with cream-cheese...

aaand den jus did the topping n stff.....

idher tak tou theek thaa...but i dunno what image i had in mind and it dint turn out to be as pretty as i xpected it to bee...

so it maY not be the prettiest cake in the world but it tastes good..=D

I cant believ this is the exitement in my life:s

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I jus wana post sumthing..

My neighbors kids......they are sooo ANNOYING!!! All they doo is play giggle n scream. Keep ur kids to yourself!! and the youngest one....Dua...shes like 3 i think...but she has the ability to annoy of a 60 yr old cripple!!
All she does is say in her squeky voice *aunteee dajaa kholaainn naaa* thats *aunty darwaza kholain* in human. I dont want u in the house kid...GET THE HINT! Thers a reason i ignore your presence n turn up the volume when u whine at the door!
Anyway...i 2 days back i was was a brownie fudge cake.....<3
Of all the people i know...i bake the best honestly=D

I *heart* sleeping!

Soo....for the first time in my life....i selpt early on a saturday nyte and woke up early on a sunday EARLY!
slept at 9 p.m and woke up 11 a.m..
...i feel better...much MUCh better. In my senses not emotionaly dat sounded gay.
Im allergic to dust and smoke=( how uncool.

*shake it like your pom pom*

*Is this the life i want to live is this the dream i had of you?*

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Its time for humans to stop breeding!!!!

Every second person is such a cunniving bych! Like EVRYONE!!!
The only thing we getin better at is backstabbing and if THIS is what we progres in...I think its time to STOP progressing....extinction is the answer to all our problems...why wont anyone listen to me?=(

My head is gona burst ANY freaking moment.
I HATE Mrs. SEEMi!! Shes a bad BAD teacher....she cant teach and its time everyone admited that! I hate taking her class...its so fucking depressing...reminds me of my fathers funeral....I cant stay I cant leave...Jus stuck....hollow and alone....and the fault is my own and the fault is my own=(.....but ITS NOT!!!!:@:@

And the lame IT teacher has bene flirting with this maila dude in our WTF? I dont pay to see all that ugly nonsense!!

I hate being so helpless...why shud I have to put up with this crap? Why am I so sick of everyone? Why is everyone around me so out going?
I HATE GETING OUT OF THE HOUSE...actualy i hate everything.
Why is it never bad enough? Why does it always have to get worse?
why oh WHYY?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ocassionss - a reason for eveyrone to fuck around!

i HATE ocassions.....what the hell is everyone so happy abt?
dancing n shit...Fine do whtever u like with your shitty life but why do dey have to make it an xcuse to bug everyone else.....I DONT CARE IF YOUR 37 YR OLD SISTER IS GETIN MARRIED TO A CRIPPLE......I WANA FUKING SLEEP....cuz unlike you lame shits i have to wake up 6:30 in the fucking turn down those pathetic indian songs n shut the fuck up!!

And im sick of eveyrone telling me how *weird* n *different* I am......faaack YOU!
Im are...the whole world is crazy...with their stupid crazy ideas...every single one of them specialy designed to piss me off!!

I dont evn know why im pisd...i jus am. I dont wana be the stupid president...i jus Dont! I dont like all the atention....and i dont wana give the stupid test.....or the stupid assignment.....give me a fucking break stupid fucked up world!!!!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is it such a crime to ask for quality education?

..if so...then YES im a criminal!! lol...
but seriously...Teachers shud KNOW how to freakin teach! All they do is come in to themselves abt sumthing Assuming evryone knows what theyre talkin abt and leave! WTF?
Now i have to tutor myself for the stupid IT shit...I have no idea whats goin on in the class and the teacher wont help....i ask soooo many other teachers can only dream abt me askin em a question! I mean c'mon man!!
If YOu dont know whow to teach - DONT!!
Its not MY job to teach myself....THATs why i joined the friggin institute....if i were that freakin intelligent i wudnt pay the shit fees now wud I? Now i have to spend extra time on the stupid IT crap WHICH wudnt hav been necessary IF the teacher did her friggin job ryte!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I HATE *TAG* posts theyre STUPID!!!

...and so i always delete them later cuz they piss me off wen i see em on my blog. And Im going to try to write full sentences cuz its really becoming a problem since ive been writing Lyk Dis eVn in my test paperzZz.....I heard that youre a heart breaker...(Im a trouble maker)....

stupid msn is giving me shit!!! I dont like the new one. WTF! Why is there ALWAYS sumthing wrong with my pc?
I hate being asked questions....that too stupid ones!
Afefah does that aLOT! why do people get so damn literal?
I HATE MR. SHAHEEN! Shes such a bych! Yeah i dont mind caling her that and i dont give a shit if shes a so called *teacher*. If it wernt for this lawles country shed be jail by now!
If it were upto mee i wudnt allow her to breed...The last thing we need on this planet is more of HER kind! GET A HINT YOU HOMO NOONE LIKES YOU!
that being said....I dont like kids. I dont find them cute....Only the quite cute ones.
ALL CHILDREN ARE NOT CUTE! Most are jus annoying n ppl dont beat em up cuz their parents are around.