Monday, June 22, 2009

WELCOME MARIAAAM:D Mariam started blogging too...*yaYy*...:D
and I was just reading her genuine and simple...and it made me wonder WHY do I not write like that anymore? like straight from the heart....
It also made me realize how much I love food...Food:(
My blog has been SO dry lately....Afu says its cuz Im bored of the same routine and Im runing out of ideas.....I disagree.

First, I am NOT sick of my routine at all...I love it. Almost.
I wake up around 12 noon...have breakfast (thats...pleasant), and then jus read the headlines or sumthing and then Im online like the whole day...then I eat take a shower eat and back online...and watch tv maybe and eat more....its...lovely.....almost.
Second, me runing out of ideas? Well....yeah you CAN say that...but its only cuz Im not really putting any brain has been a lil yeah...its justified. But I kind of agree with her on that one:\

I dont want to take this life granted like I used to do..
I wana love somebody, love somebody like you....

Yes, I listen to gay stuff - bite me!

we won:D

OH....and her blog also reminded me of Younus Khan's ...... *bleep* *bleep* - to quote Mariam.
uh...hehe...yeah. That WAS hard to miss....vAry disturbing. And the dancing lil 'GEO' actually looked like a typical paki....thin....tired.....pauper.....dint know how to dance but kept going with the crazy was perfect!

P.S. The contents of this post are stolen from Mariams can read it HERE

Hey Mariam....Im publicising you for free:p

Maybe afu IS right...I AM running out of ideas. Shit:(

I miss you Rida...youve been so busy...
Oh and remember we had a lil sms chat yestrday when you were gettin your hair done?

Me - "yeah band kertey hi yaad aya..."
You - "hamesha hi ajata hai"


Yeah I had to let it out.....Im filled THAT did NOT sound right. all are pervs anyway!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some shit you REALLY dont want to read!!

So we won....*yaYy*....
It started out pretty awsome....But then the usual "suno zaraa" distraction....and soo mANY commercials.....bla bla....and this dude was holdin this card and it said "we hope youre watchin India" wtf..? like why am I even blogging about it...? like who the hell am I fooling..? bleh..
I cant think of anything inetresting to write....I havent been able to think for a while now...yes I know...My Blog now officially sucks!!
Heres this lame party I planned...

-Saniya- says:
i know
they all went to...

uzma says:
i know

-Saniya- says:
i knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

uzma says:
i NEED to party before my coleg reopens.

-Saniya- says:
mother fucking losers !
and when it reopens?

uzma says:
august mai..

-Saniya- says:
we wil.

uzma says:
kahaan rakhain?
a dance party man..
im talkin booty shake!

-Saniya- says:
the one who used to
got married.
now who?

uzma says:
so what if shes married?
dont insult my fraand behind her back bych!

-Saniya- says:
i m not.
shes my freind too
stop being so sweet behind her back!

uzma says:
party kidheer?
you ppl me amna ppl kainat..
affu ppl ko join kerwa lain?

-Saniya- says:

uzma says:

-Saniya- says:

uzma says:
i jus lost interest

-Saniya- says:
same here

uzma says:
too much work

-Saniya- says:
too much work ?

uzma says:
we'll jus drop at amnas place
and chill yo!

-Saniya- says:

-Saniya- says:

yeaaaa....I kinda suck...:\

oh...and I saw 'Drag me to hell'.....its kinda funny.....the eyes popping out n all....
The old lady was a lil creepy though...but yeah...okay for a lazy sunday afternoon. *NOT scary!!!
It reminded me of Evil Dead....which by-the-way was a big pile of dog poop. I was 8 when I saw it (and I saw it alone)...and still I found it Im not claiming to have superior just sucked...:s

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I *heart* ME.....:(

So I was checking out some CSS stuff the other day...and its like thought its gona be like Physics hard....but its gona have to be a total kutta studying. Im not good at working hard...I usually give up pretty easy....this requires devotion and attention and commitment......I suck at it. DAMN:\

My baby cozin said her first words the other day....
"bibe baeeee"......thats "lite gaiiiiii"..

So youre just sitting with your family.....everyone watchin T20....having a quality time together with everyone....and then something like *suno suno khushi ki aahat* comes along and youre just sitting there ryte in the middle wondering if its another one of those cheeki drink commercials watching it with great interest waiting to find out what its about....and it ends up being something like touch condoms and then you just wana go jump off Habib bank and just die.....
yeaaah......thats a weird situation to be in. Why do they have to make such catchy jingles? Why during a match? I the fuck man....

Fergie is Bi...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


How long does it take me to absorb a situation, process the information, compare it with facts, convert the raw data into primary data, analyze it and feel the appropriate emotion?

- Around 60 hours!

Yep, the procedure is vital but require a lot of time....and by the time the conclusion is derived the decisions are usually made and implemented and Im left with the consequences.

I giggle waaay too much....of all the people...ME.

Shakespeare was we needed a whole study to prove it. Rida says being bi would be can pick anyone n do...I like her - shes pretty n funny n so cute:(
But she would rather marry nadO if she were a lesbian - DHOKA!!:p

Love in tennis means no score : nil..:\

I like the term 'puke' ; whether real or hypothetical...makes you feel better, And dont be finding 'depth' in the means exactly what it states. Im not deep. Oceans are deep. Im more like space. Its not deep, just empty. All vacuum. It just absorbs everything.
[Dont even think about being technical here with the facts about vacuum.....MERI THEORY HAI!!!]

I 'feel' like my eye balls are gona get unattached from the string like veins holding em in my lids and just roll down my face...:\
And like my whole skleton is gona melt in my body and i'll be like...flubber. Flubber was sO gay. I just saw it out of respect for Robin Williams (yes I used to be a fan after watchin jumanji).
Know what else is gay? DORA's backpack!
That lil skank illegaly roaming here and there messing up the minds of the youngones.

Hi, Im Dora. This is my backpack...backpack BACKpack BACKPACK...!!

Oh I made another card....for FINALLY thats over!!

[pics deleted - too many colors!!]

wOw do I have time or what!!

yea yea I know the card is gay....Had to do something to make up for my bychy attitude with her.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lame mornings..

I realized I dint blog about my test yestrday....It SUCKED!!
Whos to blame? I studied for 30 minutes thats like THIRTY minutes....and when I went no one was fact no one even remembered about the yeah. It sucked I let the sick dude and the dumb dude cheat from me....uhh....yeah so my paper sucked but all the other sucked more.

Rida is suposed to be heer by 1:30 and I jus woke up and I have to go take a shower and its 12:35 already...

I love binge eating:(
Its so shallow am I to actually feel good about being able to eat?

I came across a very interesting peice of was....just so....*tears*....beautiful..
Oh well...

Time after time...

I do the right thing and wonder WHY I did it....but then the reason [that its the right thing to do] isnt enough.

This sucks.....blew it completely.....I hate how convincing I am.

But yeah...its FINALLY I'll be going to visit kainat tomoro...Rida is coming [cant wait..:D:D]...we'll go together....and talk....I wana talk...I wana talk all nyte...shit...:\

Mariam says:
no it's not that
Mariam says:
u sounded a lil dazed today on the sms too
Mariam says:
I knew this thing was bothering u somewhere

But nothings bothering me...cant you see how full of joy I am. Yeah you cant. Cool.

Is it just me or my posts are really getting
So yeah I wont blog till I have something interesting to say.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Something hurts somewhere...pata nai...I cant tell...not cuz its personal...but cuz I actually dont know....never mind.

There are just too many things to take care of....too many *should[s]* and *shouldn't[s]*...
YES I remember I have to call you Rida....
YES I know I have to visit doesnt have time...Sania people cant go either..

I wish I were a bit more interested in a bit more interested.
Have a reason....some motivation....
I WANA get laser surgery done im freakinn BLIND!!
Im struggling to wtf?
So THIS is what they mean by rock/robot/cold...:|

I find satisfaction in Im not tryna be so cool and so emo and so goth like OH MY GOD...but feels right when something is a lil wrong and not in place...Thats how its suposed to be...not in place.

mom : uzma kuch meetha khanay ka dil chara hai..

me : umm....main banau kuch?

mom : kia?

me : gajar ka halwa, sheer, suji ka halwa, egg pudding....apko kia khana hai?

mom : uzma har wakt mazaak acha nai lagta!!


Its like an unconscious effort to retaliate against facts.

I screw up....Im so good at it....if only I had a dollar for every time I screw up...nai...not a dollar...oman riyal...yeah...Id be like rich.

I consume 500ml of coke/pepsi everyday - Fact!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fuck up # 162

so i have water coming out of my eyes....and I dunno if its cuz of the stupid eye infection thing i have or really cant tell..:\


I wana go to sleep and never wake up again..





Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So I woke up thinking the following..


and then my new maid came...the old ones all bychy n shit...SO yeah...the new one is this lady and her 12 year old daughter.....maybe younger....and I just cant make her work for me!!
Shes a kid....thats CHILD LABOUR!!

there I was preaching (to my head....never loud) how I wana eradicate child labour...and how Im gona work for the cause once i get enough means n shit....and here I am having a 12 yr old maid. HUDD HOTI HAI HYPOCRISY KI!!!!

So its basically like...I wana get rid of all the shit from the long as it doesnt bych with my comfort. huh. TYPICALY human!

Taliban kidnap 500 students, teachers in FR Bannu.

YOU GO TALIBANS....*woot*woot*
salay farig khabees!!


*riDa says:
*riDa says:
cuz u know i have this fear that u wnt ever like any guy
*riDa says:
and since u not social u'll end up not marrying
*riDa says:


hehehe......Friends always care:D

SEEEE.....Im so cought up in "mee" all the time..:\

selfish - hypocrite - bipolar -

aaah whatever....

I DONT I care about the world and shit...
but as in....ya know....Dont care!

I never thought I'd be cheezy;(
People change...:D