Saturday, May 28, 2011


Is it just me or do happy dulha dulhan sitting on a stage look really really stupid?!!
Mutlab...every time I attend a wedding....especially of people who are my age...I just imagine myself looking stupid on a stage all dressed up.
It looks so funny.
The groom in particular. Especially if they're smiling.
Itney perverted lagtey hain.
Burey se sick dulhas with all their sick urges that they will get to fulfill.
Itney khush hotey hain aj kal ke dulha dulhan.
I mean i've seen a few.
Its okay when the girl is happy cuz shes just happy to be wearing all that make up and heavy clothes and loving the attention and the pictures. But...the smiling dulhas are really annoying.
I just attended a wedding recently...nothing about that wedding in particular. I mean it would be really rude of me to start talking about her and him in particular and I dont want to talk about anyone in particular just know...general observation/opinion.
Do grooms with a wide toothy grin annoy you too?
The whole stage thing is just...pathetic.
Tayaar ho kar baith jatay hain stupid se khush ho kar.
I dont want to go through that.
I attended this one wedding, where the groom just couldn't keep his hands off of the brides waste. Kutta bastard sa tha. And he looked like a donkey.
Then I attended this other thing where the groom couldn't stop grinning. Not even for a second. In fact, he was trying not to roll on the fucking floor laughing and jacking off. It was disgusting. And then this other wedding...and the groom kept looking at his bride.
Masla kia hota inkey sath?
We all know you're excited. Just hold it for a few hours?
Surprisingly, I dont find brides that annoying. May be because Im just too used being around annoying girls. They just sit there smile and blush. Or try to.
I want to write lifeless bitches here but Im afraid i might end up being like one of them:\
I want to skip the shaadi routine. In fact i want to skip the whole damn year that I get married. All the initial stuff.
I dont want to dress up and look like an idiot sitting next to a bigger idiot.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

fb Douche

You know what I hate?
Undercover people on facebook.
You know the ones coitus-ing with their privacy settings.
The ones you cannot search or add or see...
You know whats more annoying? When you can see their names and you know that they use fb but you cant see their dp or any info or anything at all..
Mutlab...ap koi Brad Pitt hain?
You think that the purpose of my life is to stalk you day and night?
Is that what you think?
Oh you're so cool with your invisible dp?
Well I think you're a fucking douche.
Especially dudes.
Its more frustrating when guys do this gay shit.
Im a girl. A good looking stalk-able girl. If Im okay with sharing some of my profile with the world, you being a very unpopular average guy, have no right to go undercover.
You're not the center of the universe you know. Stupid gay bitch.
Grow some balls and be a little public you self obsessed vain idiot!
Ghussa ara hai. Ek to maine search kara...itna effort...I never do that...and now that I did...all I get is "this douche is up his ass and so you cannot view his shit"
I wasnt gona fucking rape your boring soul. Add hi karti. Ya poke kardeti.
Pata nai social network join kiu kartey hain fi they dont want to socialize.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Heard you got that sticky

She want it, I can tell she want.
Want me to push up on it u_u
Bushra to itni cool hai. I dunno why I wrote that.
Prolly cuz I was just telling Hareem that.
Anyboo. I got shit yawl!
I dont know where to begin.

First things first. My writer dude is pissing me off. Ek to he calls me boss sarcastically...He thinks hes so clever with it...but I know what he's doing...but I ignore it because I just want the work to be done on time. But. You see. Time. Here. In this region. Is plenty. You know what happens to things which are there in abundance, right? Like people. Just so many of them. It doesnt even matter. But you're not making any sense uzma. People should start taking deadlines more seriously. There is a reason why they're called DEADLINES! Paki people have to concept of deadlines, punctuality, and [insert something else to emphasize the importance of being on time]. She headed to the dance floor and she slowly started poppin' it. I just saw this girl's profile...we went to the same school...apparently we're friends. She looks exactly like bipasha basu...but better. Hot stuff. I like dudes. Speaking of dudes. There's one Im hating at the moment. Its all your fault dodi...and understanding just wont do it this time u_u

I have to finish this post in 15 minutes but there too many feelings oozing out to me. I just dont do myself justice at times. I dont know why my teachers keep saying that. Anyway. Did you notice I wrote anyboo earlier? I dont like anyboo. Anyway. We had to conduct an interview with a beggar, more of a biography, for my social psychology project. I have to present it this Friday. Stupid Fried eggs. teeh. So yes. Here's the thing. The beggar mafia or whatever mafia controlling beggars is so damn organized :O
I interviewed around 5 of them and they ALL had a similar story to tell. Not just that. The other girls in my class who went to other areas for the same project also said that the stories are all the same. The most common one being that they began begging a couple of days back...they came to Karachi from khairpur, earn 150-300 per day, and have a bunch of sick people at home. Im not trying to make fun its just that this cant be a coincidence. I mean. Dude. Every beggar in Karachi has the same story to tell? I can write pages on this but you just lose interest after writing a report on it. Anyway. It was fun roaming around on the streets like that. Seven more minutes left. What should I talk about? My presentation or fb blue? I hate making decisions. I'll give you a tip. When making presentation, make sure to insert a pic of a nude'll end up getting full marks no matter how crappy the presentation is. Thats my trick this year. I try to involve topics like sexual harassment and torture in every presentation. Also nude chicks when appropriate. Though you may not find nude chicks appropriate at all. but in psychology, it is. And I end up scoring pretty awesome with very little effort. Okay. Times up.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tingling, bitches, and bba students...

I dont want to blog about this but I cant really focus or think much at the moment. Ye angraiz itne attentions seeking whores kiu hotey hain? I tried searching for something really serious and I couldnt find shit because of them.
Heres the thing. I often get tingling feeling in my brain. Since that seizure thingie. I dont know if its just in my head because I cant tell because its never too...stimulating? So I just avoid it and try not to think about it. But this time its just not going away. Been two days. So I searched. And I realized that my tiredness, numbness in legs and arms, and my lack of ability to focus during the brain tingling thing are all related. But I would like to take a moment here to mention that my hair looks extremely sexy right now. A messy side bun is totally my thing. Anyway, about the tingling. Its better as I write but it was really bad in the afternoon. I couldnt even read memes. Anyway. The possible causes include: migraine, anxiety, depression, seizure, multiple sclerosis, and of course, schizophrenia. I should see a doctor? I would but I think its only cuz of the deficiency of B12 in my body. I have been skipping dinner for three days now. Maybe.

Going back to the attention seeking whores. How I hate using the term because one of the bloggers I hate uses it quite a lot. What he doesnt know is that he too belongs to that group of bitches that he hates. Anyway. You wont believe the kind of shit I had to read to find out about my tingling. Im sure most of them dont even feel the shit because they wouldnt have written crap like "oh its like Im high...its like an orgasm". It most certainly is not. Not that I know what that would feel like. But its definitely not pleasurable. It significantly brings down my ability to comprehend. I just lost two days of by life to my attention seeking brain. But attention it did not get. Yes. I refuse to tell people the feeling and that way I dont get the attention and so the unconscious me loses. Hell yeah you better stay in the darkness. Anyway. Bhool gai. But while I was unable to write anything in the afternoon, I did make a failed attempt at funny. Here it is. It actually shows the annoying bitches in the psychology department.

Also, I actually heard some BBA students have the following "conversation" outside the cafe...and I still cant figure out why they laughed the way they did...may be it was an inside joke...but it dint seem that witty...pata nai...ajeeb hotey hain bba ke loag..

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cooler than you.

And so my happiness ends with the weekend.
But its not over yet.
Im actually waiting for my cousins (Amna Hajira) to arrive.
I find it weird when young couples go out. Like for dinner or lunch or movies or whatever. Its so funny:\
You dont see the funny part?
I cant explain it. Its just funny looking at them.
My teacher made me hate code switching the other day and since then Im trying hard not to do it. Apparently it shows lack of education and bad manners.
My employee dude dint send the work, which he was supposed to send in yesterday, as yet which is now bugging me a little.
Oh did I not mention how cool I am now that I have an older dude working for me and I totally get to boss him around?
Well, I've hired an older dude to work for me and I totally get to boss him around ^.^
Itni cool banti hoon mai uske samne:\
Its fun.
So I'll be going to PSO next week for my business report. Cant wait. If they're nice to me I might just stay there. I love PSO. Its like my local Royal Dutch Shell Plc. Which reminds of Pierre Wack. I love Pierre Wack. When I grow up, I want to be a Pierre Wack. And I shall rule the Petroleum Industry of Pakistan.
Those bitches are late.
I saw my grandmothers jewelery today which me all emo n blah and then I realized that gold doesn't suit me which reminded me of another friend because it doesn't suit her even more. But she still wears it. I dont even like gold that much. Only used to like my mommy's stuff. She had some cool stuff. A lot of it. And I had my eye on quite a few things that she owned. Too bad its all gone now that we're poor. But we wouldn't have been if we dint spend money like idiots for 16 years. Anyway. I did some calculations the other day and I realized that I earned 71k in three months but only have 7k in my account. Rest is gone. Most of it on food. Some of it on clothes. I eat too much. But the fun time is over. Need to collect 45k by June. And I will. Earning is not an issue. Saving it is. Why are they not here yet? I might as well write my account number and pin code here. Not that there's anything to steal.