Friday, May 18, 2012

Atheists, Believers, and Monkeys.

So Bush was just telling me how atheists are so anti-misogynist feminist.
And yes, they are. I've never really thought about it because my brain is programmed to ignore all matters related to religion and spirituality so I usually just skip through this crap. Still all these atheists and believers are so in my face that I end up reading (or at least glancing at) at least one comment everyday in which either an atheist is trying to prove how stupid and ignorant believers are or a believer "praying" for the atheist to find the right path. Mostly, the former.

I just fail to see the point in debating online about all this because it never makes a difference. Its not like youre going to change anyone's mind. Even if you end up winning the argument, what difference does it make? Because, again, no is going to change their belief system over an online debate among a bunch of monkeys whose soul purpose is to win the argument and make the other person look like an idiot.

What you dont know is that you all look equally stupid, no matter which side youre on. Because trust me, no one gives a shit about your opinion. No matter how logical, valid, and scientifically correct it is, which usually, it isnt. Most of the people jumping around in such arguments dont have sufficient knowledge of the topic. Until and unless you've studied both sides, and by studying I dont mean reading all the articles on the first page of google, you have no right to bitch about yours or another person's belief. All you prove is that youre going through a cognitive disequilibrium which makes you a needy whore.

So take my advice and shut the fuck up already. No one cares what you think or believe. You dont matter. Your opinion doesnt matter. Youre not making a difference. Just filling the internet with your bullshit and pissing off people like me. Only we know better than to get in an argument with you because we would rather just bang our heads against the wall, you attention seeking pretentious delusional whore.