Sunday, January 10, 2010

Read it - cuz its been a while.

Why do girls like to make their girl-friends suck-it-up to their boyfriend/fiance/husband?
Why am I expected to wish your significant other a Happy Birthday or New year or just a plain happy Fucking Monday? I mean....I dont care bitch...and neither should He.
Why is he farig enough to notice all this bull shit anyway? What am I his God Mother?
I dont have time to baby sit him, okay?
I just happen to have a life....Although its new....but Im getting used to it.

I just finished making the last form of my software....
Did I just say software?
Yehs I did! ^.^
Its not fully functioning though....but thats irrelevant!

Know whats disturbing?
When a virgin compares something with the experience of getting laid...
As in...

Person : "so....How was the steak?"

Virgin Exasperater : "It was sex yaaaaaaar!!"

Your statement, sir, is not valid.

Also, cheese omelettes wRock!
They've saved my Life many times in the middle of the night, and days when organs are eaten in the name of a feast!
I love you cheese omelette. Never go away.


The Me. said...

Hahahah. I agree with everything you've written here! Hahah.
You should blog more often ^^ !

uzme said...


uglyduckling91 said...

I don't like cheese omelette. Too cheesy. :[

Do I have to get laid to be the sex? B[

s3ayA said...

cheese omelet... tasty...