Thursday, March 1, 2012


If you know me at all, but why would you, not like I've published all my researches in my name, and even if I did, what are the chances of you reading them? But anyway, if you knew me you'd know how ignorant I am toward religion.
Im not an atheist or agnostic or whatever...Im just not very spiritual.

I know this self-righteous narcissistic pretentious bitch woman. Well, I know a couple. But this one in particular is just in my face all the time with her opinions and beliefs. And we've only had a face-to-face conversation Twice!
She's just SO hard to ignore. Shes there preaching at the university, on our dept. official page, through her own page dedicated to animals, and any other forum that she thinks can be used to annoy people....shes just THERE!
"Oooh look at me Im a humanist I love animals oh Im just so much better than everyone else because I spend my dadys munnies everyday saving animals oooo I love them so much and Im a 'vegan' I dont eat milk and eggs and things made from milk and eggs but a cheese pizza is okay I guess because Im such a good human being saving all these animals and supporting gay rights...OMG where's my crown?"

I make sure I post all Maddox animal rights related stuff on her wall...Its funny how she begins explaining that people who eat meat are ignorant, uneducated, selfish children of Devil. Not that she believes in a Devil.

And thats not all, she keeps posting articles like homosexuality in Islam and women should should be allowed to roam naked and pretty much any sex related issue. I mean. People dont have money to eat. They're killing their children because they dont have money to eat. And you're spending 5000 everyday bathing a bunch of stray cats and dogs? And you have the nerve to say people are ignorant? Seriously? I mean. Seriously?

Well his was going to be an interesting post but Im just a little distracted.
Got to know things I dint really want to know and now its just stuck in my head and its going to stay there for ever. I would write about it but I dont want to be pitied.

In other news, turns out its a requirement to get myself psychoanalyzed before I can treat a real patient. Yep. So we were all given a choice to select our partners, and I, being equally uncomfortable with all my class mates, said yes to the first person who asked me. And well, lets just say, we're like...Gulliver and Frankenstein. I being Gulliver, of course.
Its so much more awkward than it sounds. And thats not all. We will be partners till January 2013 and will be administering Rorcharch, and TAT, and what not. Just. Ugh. Im such an interesting subject!!! I mean....theres so much dirt to dig...My perfectly fucked up mind is just being wasted with the examiner that Im assigned ~.~