Sunday, October 2, 2011


Dont you hate it when people just throw you out of their lives like youre this uninvited machar in their coffee and then continue drinking coffee while youre all wet in coffee lying on the table like 'yea okay np' waiting for your wings to dry so you can fly but they just wont dry cuz of the humidity in the atmosphere:\

Wouldnt it be disgusting if they continued drinking that coffee?

Well I dont exactly feel like that but if I did it would totally suck.

P.S. Check blog on Saturday for analysis.


Roshni said...

Dudeee i wanna be analysed too..Lawll..don't do it without mee..I need a day or two. -nodnod-
Hope you iz good.

uzme said...

You better post it by Friday because I wont be looking up the manual all over again after saturday :p