Friday, September 30, 2011

Psychoanalyze you becasue Im sexy and I know it. :\. :|. :/

So how are you?
Everything good?
Please know that Im only mentioning the following because I was asked]
I havent been blogging because OMG so busy with work and projects n the shits
Also, I finished FIVE dissertations in TWO months. Four for MBA and one for LLB.
Yea Im awesome like that.

And to make that awesomeness more awesome I will get permission to officially treat patients by next June.
Im also willing to perform premature analysis on you guys on request. More on that later in the post.
I want to rant first because i really havent in weeks.
And I still dont feel like it...dunno Ive become very "accepting of people" all of a sudden which is odd. Everyone seems like a patient:\
Im unable to have a conversation without analyzing personalities and identifying subconscious concerns of people in head.

I hate it when people ask me to help them out with their home work on a weekend.
Especially when I get a weekend off after TWO long fucking months.
That too for free.
Mutlab kia masla hai apko?
mai kia karsakty hoon agar ap stupid hain to?
I deserve a day off too you know.
Or three.
So these somebodies. Ive helped them out with their reports n shit a few times. And by help I mean did everything. And they got an A [for which I have yet to receive a thank you]. Now one of them want me to write some gay ass article so she can tell everyone she did it when it gets published in the magazine. And Im like do it yourself. And now Im the bitchiest bitch in the world.
About the premature analysis.
I was really pissed off cuz this head of the research department wouldnt accept my research proposal for the annual journal [which she later accepted] because it was done by me and not a PhD student. So I was like wtf :O
So I made this abstract crap which doesnt quite make sense. I mean it does to me but different people have been seeing different things in it. So since I dont have the actual Rosharch or TAT manual, I have been doing personality analysis based on that single image.
But I will get my hands on the real shit by the end of next year and I secretly scan them. That would be so totally awesome. As long as I dont get caught. Because then I will get suspended. I dont see what the big deal is since psychology students do that kind of shit all the time. Well, most of them. And I always tell people that they shouldnt believe what I tell them because Im qualified and theyre like "of course we know that" but then they end up believing every single word I say. Buh wahevs. If they're gullible enough.

So if youre interested in a premature false psychoanalysis, look carefully at the image below and write a short story about what is going on in the image, what had happened before, and what is going to happen next. The story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end to it and must be a complete story. Keep it short so I actually read it. Also write your age, gender, and something about yourself. Like a secret. Or something that you think has had a significant impact on your life. Whatever youre comfortable with. Comments can be made anonymously.

Also look at this image and briefly write what you see. This one does not have to be a story. Just write whatever you see in the image. It can be anything.


steadtler said...



The rabbit had been travelling all day long before it finally reached a pond in the woods. It was dying of thirst but scared to go forward and drink. The rabbit’s sixth sense had rarely been wrong. In rabbit school, he had always been the one to know when there was a trap waiting for him. This felt very much like a trap. Finally, the thrist won out and regardless of the threat he felt surrounded him, he went to the edge of the pool and bent to drink.

The devil smiled and prepared to drink a soul dry.

secret: i dont like telling people secrets. it gives them power over me.

As for the second image:
there are two suns behind a brick wall. One sun is shaded partially by clouds. The other is bright and shining.

quartertoinsane said...

There was light, and with it there was creation. Together both made things like rabbits and ferns. Then light was beget by darkness and all the nightmares came to life.
22, Male
The first time my cell phone was snatched, i was relieved about it.

Image 2:
Past and the future. Yellow sun past, people are carefree. Red sun future, people feel hopeless and in despair.

Anonymous said...

its a place world actually filled with evil things, two great evils and attacking people families who re living and those families want to live peacefully in a barrow like rabbits

female 30 yrs

Anonymous said...

ps i have alot of secrets, i am full to the brim.

uzme said...

@ismah - Is this the description of the first image or second?

For the first image youre supposed to write a complete story. Do you think your's is a complete story? Its more of a statement. Give it another shot.

Anonymous said...

i don't know how to start a story, i ll try though...
a family or a group of people are living peacefully and then they start facing a lot of problems,internally and externally, they get attacked and there is chaos and they become a part of it.everything evil is happening around them and they are also doing evil mean and bad things, but they deep down want to live peacefully like rabbits live in burrows and want to achieve that state.

Anonymous said...

i am sorry, its abt the first image.

Anonymous said...

in the second image all i see are burning buildings

Amara said...


First Image:
There was a being who built its house to the point of perfection. But the house was somehow always its mismatch. The house was drowning in negative energy, so much that its obscenity was what began to define it. The world could see it clearly, no one could miss it. But that being always felt he had his home. It was gullible, it was sedated. It was a rabbit, living in a nest.

Secret: I destroyed someone's outlook of life.

Second Image:
A lovely fruit cake with a cherry on top, and a hand with a knife on the verge of cutting it!
I also see the letter 'A' right in the centre.

Anonymous said...

Kiawwwww kahan hai analysis?

Randomhyper. said...

Age: 21
Gender: Female

The rabbit had just come back from taking his family and other members of his pack out of the forest to a much safer area over by the prairie. They knew now it was dangerous to live in the wide open forest. He was the wise one, he was the one with all the responsiblity. As he comes back, he sees the forest, aflame. He notices the humans, torching, and the bulldozers cutting down trees, making more area for civilization. Didn't they know that his was also a civilization, a slammer yet equally significant community? He saw the trees becoming burnt branches, the bushes and shrubs becoming black moldering remains. Watching from afar, secretly happy that his family was secure, he turned and hopped back over to the prairie. Now, it would mean starting a new life, building a new community, all over again. Like he had done multiple times before.

2nd image: I see staircases. A person on the staircase. I see a fire. The person is trying to escape a fire.

Secret: I am not as straitlaced and innocent as people assume me to be.

Fun fact: The word CAPCHA that I have to write in order to verify that I'm a human? It's ''inallses'' Sounds like inallses. Funky concidence.

Roshni said...

Age: 21
Gender: Female
Something about myself you ask?.. I am on the introvert side.

Image 1: There once was a cute little rabbit, loved by everyone. The rabbit was popular for his decision making and always knowing the right from the wrong - for having the perfect foresight. More importantly, the raabit was content - not because he knew his worth, if anything he didn't. He was content because he had the peace of mind he didn't think he would miss so much one day.
As the rabbit grew older, tragedy befell on the rabbit land. Somewhere along the line, the rabbit lost its way. Had it been someone else, it probably wouldn't have caused this much disorientation but because the rabbit had never had to deal with anything like this before - he broke down. Within.
He thought the best way to overcome this disorientation was to put on the bravest front ever and shelter himself. He did this, literally. Although what he forgot to realise was that the pretense is always for the world - deep down you always still have to face your demons.

Image 2: wedding, fireworks, explosion/anger, calm bfore the storm?

Anonymous said...

This image shows the story of a bunny. The bunny was living in a very prosperous piece of land with all the luxuries in the world available to her. She used to run around with her friends near spring waters and green fields and live in a cute home that she built with her own hands and with some help from one of her friend, who planned to share a room with her in the house.
Due to the monsoons of early august a storm had set in now, destroying her pasture and making her take refuge in the dense scary jungle away from her beautiful savannah and lost from all her friends, a heaven that she was used to. However, the bunny is hopeful that this monsoon is only temporary for a little while and she'll be able to get back together with her friends in her home. She knows that her friends are looking for her and will soon find her, and she will be rescued. The bunny knows that life will be the same again one day, and it will be about the spring waters and green pastures and her peaceful home again.

Image 2..

This image shows fireworks on a festival like Eid or diwali. It shows the stairs of a house and kids throwing their fireworks from the roof to the sky and below.

gender male age 26