Sunday, December 21, 2008

ancient me!

i HATE children...and people....and animals...
soo as i was saying....m here...with nothing to do...i dont wana go. why shud i? i hate living with him...and her...and both of em together? yeah like dats gona can actually but i dont want it to....on the contrary if that doesnt happen im stuk wit all these ppl ere....jus as crazy.
why shud i have to make dese decisions? dey're not mine to be made. why shud i have to live with the conseuences of sumone elz's mistake? not fair is it? yea yea life and fair and all that shit!

here i am writing it all here on a blog.....coward lil me! im not in that sense but in a very....nevermind.
i start typing im filled wit all this shit and then i type a lil and im BLANK...
random random random rida bych!:p
the word random reminds me of her.....gaaaah
i hate my fingr dey so small..:@ and my headphones wud fit...:@
lets jus put it to a yea ima be 20..
TWENTY....dats like OLD.....i mean TWENTY years OLD....twenty years ago there ws NO concept of blackberry and xbox n like ancient!!
but i dont mind that.....the problem is there are absolutely NO NONE. not evn crtificates like NOTHING. dats lame....i have no idea what im gona do in future no idea abt my career....all i poses is a big fat nothing. dats all i have done in these LONG 20 years. havent achieved shit in the past year. jus getting better at whinin.....dats all i do in my head...oooh i dont have an xbox, i waant a blakberry, i gata loose weight waaaan waaaaaan waaaaan.....and in the back of my head i goo....yea like all dat makes a diffrence...cuz i dont really want all dis stuff....its jus that i want to cmplain but i dont wana tell the real shit so i make up all dis stuff i dont really care abt.
i cried for 3 hrs after watchin this lame movie benjamin wasnt evn emotional...but dis last scene reminded me of something and it got me all *sniff sniff*. I hate being so sensitive abt it. i mean get over it bych its been years!!!