Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm NOT a racist but I hate jews:$

......after being misrble for days feeling bad for the holocaust and nearly crying for the ppl dying in the auschwitz death camp i dnt feel as bad anymore. those byches taking ti all out palstine now arnt dey? I cnt help but admire hitler (im not a sadist) cuz he like knew it all he picked the ppl he thot wud take over the world like the bychiest of the race decided to finish him....he mus be really smart. i mean killing 6 million ppl aint eay takes brain! no im not tryna justify nething but lets look at it logically....he killed them, they're killing other ppl, so i dont feel as bad abt the jews nomore....i never liked em....not like im a racist but they my least fav! I mean...stop acting like "the chosen ones'...
So yeah...hitler being German killed ppl BUT germans are not blamed for - fine alryte dnt blame em all.....den the U.S goes n dstroys Afghanistan n iraq (also pakistan, Iran - unoficially) and makes places like guantnamo bay n abu gharib n shit...but all the americans are not bad ryte? i mean why blame the whole race for a few black byches? but den dis muslim dude who sees his country turn into dust n watches his family being killed in front of him....having no other options decides to take revenge n blows himself up and there..we have the conclusion - all Muslims are terrorists.
im writing it all here cuz noone likes talkin abt politics and it MAKES ME MAD!
saw Mr. musharaf last nyte talkin abt how we no cowards n will atack HE knows how to talk....i miss him:( n him.....n him...:s
dis is shit....and not fair....a bunch of ppl havng mre den everythng n everyone elz with nothing.
zardari is a whore! manwhore! *ooooh mees 'pey-lin' u shooo pweety wont u come doo me tunyte cuj i dnt give a sheet abt the hungry ppl daayeen of thirst n mees sherry can use a lil help down there * ASSHOLE!
I cant believ our helplessness...and im sick of everyone joinin groups on fb n changing their status in dat makes a dffrence....but thats all we can do innit. we ahve our own damn issues...theres some incident every day in the northern area killin 15-20 ppl...Every single day!! but it doesnt count...u see...not everyone counts.....ur life only matters if u belong to a certain class of certain are not allowed fundamental rites. everyones soo frustrated....I hate being so helpless......and hopeless:(