Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mob Behaviour.

You know what I hate?
Loud fancy charity crap.
Its all over the place.
Charity mela, charity dance party, charity liquor, charity movie night, charity nude show.
An excuse for everyone to party like like theyre fighting a war.

So theres this Self-Righteous Princess of Pretentious Ville that I know. I think we all know one of those. You know the kind of person who just deserves to be in a better place and just knows better than everyone and knows everything thats wrong with the world and how everyone is not doing things right and has standards that just cannot be matched by anyone...especially a paki?
Yeeaaa....Ima punch her one of these days. But shes like a bit athletic so Im afraid she'll punch me back:\
I mean...even when shes having a normal conversation its like shes giving a presidential speech...and she never smiles...shes actually an IBA rejectee...if thats a real word. Must be hard for her to adjust in Bahria...but c'mon...get over it.
Itni annoying lagti haai....Id mimic her for you if I had a cam. I do it so well...makes them laugh every time ^.^
Also, I have a very...diverse sense of humor.
So back to the Princes...well...thats about it. Theres not much to her besides her smugness.
I guess thats all:\


quartertoinsane said...

i rejectee z a rejectee, no matter from which universitee, wats so unique abt an iba rejectee?

uzme said...

no not iba in particular...but its just that this uni is not upto her standards and shes not up to the standards of other universities...^.^

quartertoinsane said...

kinda ironic... bt funny =)

Roshni said...

aise log har jagah pe hote hain I guess...I know a princess of pretentious ville too..MEH

Kevin said...

Pretty funny Uzme. What are you going to do about that bratty cousin btw?