Saturday, April 16, 2011

Serious rant. Ignore.

Know how I always start things I have no intentions of finishing? And then suggest things I have no intentions of doing? And then lead people into believing silly things that I dont believe myself? Yeah I should probably stop doing that.
Anyway. I dont have anything funny or interesting to write so now is the time to stop reading.
Ive been in a weird state. Not myself. All nice and social.
I made FIVE friends last week. Good friends. I dint make that many friends in my whole life.
And there are at least 3 to 5 people attached to each one of these five friends.
So just imagine the number of times I have "hey" and "sup" on my way to the class.
Being social makes me sick.
But I dont have a choice cuz you need at least one friend in each course so you can ask for help or whatever or project shitty crap shit. Crappy shitty poopy de poo. Shitty crappy bloody shitty poop. Poop filled shitty crappy shit. Shitty de crappy de dung poo. Dung de poopy de pooy crap. Yeah thats whats going on in my head.
I hate this dissociative state more than depression.

On a brighter note, we're going to giddu poo (giddu bandar) on Saturday. That mental asylum in Hydrabad. I understand if you dont exactly see that as the brighter side. But I cant wait to go. I think it'll help me get over my pathetic self. Ive heard that the last they went..most of the students went mute for a week. Im sure they're exaggerating. But whatever. I might even stay back if I get too many sketching inspirations. I could use some right now. Oh Boo Hoo Uzma get a fucking life -.-

*Also, I found this piece of shit that I really like:

If the sun came out from behind me,
Would you look at my shadow or me?
If the person you saw was dressed in rags like me,
would you remember me?

If the colors of lie had faded
from your mortality like life for me,
would you rather die or become like me?

Now it is time for the sun to set like it has
for me,
would you stay here, here in this abandoned world of souls,
or leave like me?

1 comment:

Aabi said...

oh my shit those were hot lyrics. what songg is thatt? :O
OHMYGOD THATS THE MENTAL ASYLUM THAT MY COUSIN KEEPS THREATNING TO SEND ME TO, WOW. im totally jealous. im doing A level psych and i would LOVE to see some psychos.
As for the becoming social *shudders* i went thru that phase last year.. it was ugly i tell u, ugly. :l