Thursday, June 16, 2011


Exams hora hain.
Gay stuff.
Im addicted to Supernatural. And hungry.
Dance the night away, live your life and stay young on the floor.
Kitni stupid wishes hoti hain logon ki.
Do you read logon as log on?
Cuz I do.
So anyway...I volunteered for this inclusive society thing where we have to go to machar colony and conduct research and may be provide counseling to disabled children and their parents.
I was really excited n all...I mean field work is like yaYy awesome...But.
Im having second thoughts. Why, you ask?
Well, nature.
You see...I drink a lot of water. More of a have-to thing cuz I faint n shit.
Anyway. So...when you like drink 3-4 bottles of water...your...okay I dont want to go all human physiology here so I'll come to the point.
What if I have to go the bathroom? o.O
I just dont like using dirty toilets that all...
But then again...they're giving free food. But then again...I dont really like kids that much. That too disabled. Okay thats rude. But still. But i'll get 15 credit hours of internship.
Sorry Im too sleepy and tired to make this interesting or funny.

Anyway, every time I chat, I get really conscious every time I have to use "it" after a word that ends with a "t". Putting spaces in between such words can be very complicated.

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