Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Mobile ki screen kharab hogai.
Socha post kardu.

You know how you come up with an idea ?
You know how you feel the need to share the awesomeness?
You know how it gets stolen?
Yea I hate it when that happens.
I came up with something really awesome for the project and said it out loud like Sean Connery and got ignored like Jake Gyllenhaal. Ten minutes later, when my turn came to sign up for the project, my idea was already listed, twice, by the bitches who pretended not to listen to me.

Also, everyone who is very conveniently attending expensive college/university on the expense of their parents and cant stop complaining about how much they hate making tiny stupid gay ass assignments/presentations must consult my fist regarding the structure of their snobby privileged faces.

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Roshni said...

I like Jake Gyllenhaal.