Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I dont really feel like blogging anymore. Because nothing significant is happening in my life, besides that everyone I know is getting married, but I dont see how that is significant either.
Tonight was no different. I was just sitting and making an outline for this dissertation which I have to complete along with three others by the end of this month. Le Bleh de blah.
So this girl right. A friends friend. Im kind of looking for helpers to complete the dissertations because I have to write like 300 pages in 20 days. So yes, this friend of friend was looking for a similar job. So Im like...hey why dont you send me your cv and write a sample paper of 200 words in APA on Corporate Social Responsibility (Only because it is the most widely fucked topic online and one merely has to type "CSR" in google to get bombarded with articles on it). So the sample I get is like copy paste. So these are the emails that we exchanged. Now Im not saying anything. Just...copy pasting the emails. Thats all.



I think I did not clear the concept of academic writing and the kind of job this is. If writing an essay was just copy pasting no company would need academic writers. Your whole paper is plagiarized and 98% of it is copy paste material.
Im really sorry but plagiarism is not acceptable in academic writing because the customers get penalized and we have to pay the money back with penalty.
But thanks for writing the paper. Tc.



Yes, you did not. You said it was a "sample" paper, not something your customer ordered. Had you made an attempt to clarify it, I would have made it a point to be wholly original. I thought you wanted to check the writing style, and if I knew what APA writing format was. And, neither the "whole" of my paper nor 98% of it is plagiarized. Also, 98% does not amount to whole. Kindly be careful in your choice of words, since I am sure no customer would like that either. One more thing, I think I clearly mentioned that I have not studied Business management before. I am a law student, and I clarified it over text. I had just a day to study the given topic, and I managed to churn out more than the required word limit. It's like me asking you to write up on the defenses of Murder, and then alleging that you didn't make an attempt to produce an up to the mark paper, within a day. "


Lol...ro kiu rahi ho? The sample was not in APA either.
I dint mean to offend you. My apologies :)"


"Ro kiu rahi ho?"

Oh, I am sorry, I missed the part where we skipped from formal terms to informal ones. Anyhow, I was just pointing out. You asked for a "sample" paper, and I gave you one. Just be more clear next time. I am sure your customers would appreciate it too.

P.S: Kindly distinguish between "rona" and making ones stance clear.


"Yes you've made it very clear.
It was a sample. My bad. I should've been more clear about originality and copy pasting.
Once again, dint mean to offend you. Was just giving feedback, which I had no right to.


"I really don't think I have been clear enough. I did not copy paste. There's a difference between copy pasting as it is, and changing the structure and the use of words. You can't change what a concept curtails, you can only change the sentence structure and the vocabulary to a certain extent. Had it been something to do with liberal arts, rather than a business concept then your "feedback", which is more of an allegation, would have made sense. "

And then i lost interest. And now Im hungry.
And now that my friend told me that I shall never speak to them again because Im blogging about it, Im having second thoughts.
But its too late. Ive already written the post.
What should I do?
I dint even do half the bitching that I wanted to.
My blog is the only place where I can express myself.
Is it too bitchy of me to post this? o.O
But I would even if it weren't a friend of friend.
Too hungry to think straight.

**Am I the only one who doesn't see what the big deal is here?:\


uglyduckling91 said...

You're a bitch.

uzme said...


Momna Khan said...

Sometimes I think if people are really dumb enough to overlook the importance of the words they use. Since, I think each and every word you use plays an extremely pivotal role in the point you are trying to convey. Especially, in a job-related task. And, then I come across people like you, and then I realize people really are that stupid enough to use their words carelessly. You asked for a "sample", and like I mentioned in my email, I gave you one. And my email had nothing to do with "rona", it's called clearing up your stance. I know logic's not everyone's cup of tea, you being one of them, of course. But hey, glad enough to be the subject of your bitch-fest. As they say, not anyone can be a topic of discussion. Especially a blog post, you know. I won't be surprised if this comment becomes the subject of an another blog post, since you obviously have nothing better to write about.

uzme said...

Too long. Dint read ^.^

Momna Khan said...

Is that the best you could come up with? Funny.
I am so sure that you read the whole of it. Once, at least.

Ali said...

tl; dr


uzme said...

You know I actually came online at 5 to delete the post cuz I was feeling bad cuz of abdullah but then I saw another speech by you which I was too tired to read. I Did now.
Get over it already. Seriously.

@Ali, I wouldnt either u_u

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

I second the Badsoorat Chooza.

Rida. said...

Seriously? =/
Ducky? Not you man!

Verification word: Mobund.. Moo- band?



Roshni said...


Amara said...

"Also, 98% does not amount to whole."


uzme said...

Sigh. I now have to clear my "stance"

Plagiarism: "intentionally representing the words, ideas, or data of another as one’s own in any academic exercise without providing proper citation"

Copy paste is copy paste.

So when i said "the whole paper is plagiarized" I meant there are absolutely NO in-text citations.
And when i said 98% of the paper is copy paste. I meant...that you dint even bother changing the sentence structure.

Do you have any idea how much I hate giving explanations? -.-