Saturday, August 20, 2011

Animal Farm.

Im not a News Analyst so I dont quite get the hidden message behind whatever the shit is going on in the city. I dont even watch or read news anymore. Been months. I dont lift my head up from the monitor. I wake up, work, eat, work, sleep, and work. But here's the problem. I have an older brother who takes a bus to his university. He goes out with his friends often. Even when he's told not to go. I dont like having to worry about other people.
And I really dont know how to go about this post.
Im just writing because theres nothing else I can do about it. And knowing that something you feel deeply about is completely out of your control, is not a very good feeling.

From what I've heard, the throats of the kidnapped individuals are being cut slightly so that they can be filled with chillies, their bones are being broken and then they are chopped or drilled to death, depending on the mood of the kidnapper, before being tightly wrapped in barbed wires so that they can easily be fitted in a bag. Mind you, we're still talking human beings.

From what I've heard, this is similar to what used to happen back in the early 90s. From what Ive heard, MQM used to fill bags with dead bodies. Used to be their "thing" which allowed them control over people. Ive also heard that its all a plan to frame MQM. And I've heard that the main reason for violence is that the PPP wanted control over Kharadar and some other areas of Karachi, which MQM refused. Also heard that PPP men are taking down MQM men and in return, MQM has no choice but to take down PPP men, just as brutally, to show that unho ne churiyaan nahi pehni hain. And then there are the less popular ANP and Baloch rumors, of course.

Heres whats going to happen; people will keep protesting, Rehman Malik will keep giving stupid statements no one gives a shit about, the 'coalition partners' will selflessly become friends again - for the greater good of the people, of course, the target killings will stop (for a while), the government will fail to bring forth the people responsible, life will continue, soon something shittier will come up, and Zardari will remain the douchy head of the state.

I cant stop thinking about the horror and pain felt by the 'targets' during the last few moments of their lives. All this reminds me of a Serbian Film. Only this is not a film. And there is no ketchup for blood.
If a civil war breaks out, is there anything that they wont do to us?

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quartertoinsane said...

in relation to your last query, in case of a civil war... naa it becomes perverted...

and this does look like a news analysis...