Thursday, September 1, 2011

Old, bored, and alone.

Eid sucked.
So this dumb bitch who cant spell shit, and is also cheating on her fiance with some kid (who doesnt even know that she's engaged), comes up to me and gives me a lecture on how immoral it is of me to write thesis for students. Well, she was just getting back at me (in a very friendly-funny fashion) for correcting her grammar on facebook. But it really pissed me off. I could've said a lot but dint want to stoop down to her level...Also she would beat me up if I pissed her off o.O
Kiu kartey hain loag itni bari bari baatain?
Also, people should really brush their teeth first thing in the morning. Whether its eid or not.
All my friends and cousins are married. All of them.
I mean okay. Your life. But do you absolutely have to be in my face with you susral n shit?
All of them had to either go to their susral or out with their OMG Shuch Jaanu Baby Paalu HUBBY like awwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnn awwwwweeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn aaaaaafuckineeeeennnnnnnnn Motherfffkkkkkggrrrrbleghhhh!!!
I only got to meet them for like 2 hours. Which they spent dressing up for the significant other. Though we were all dressed already. I only spent 2 hours of my eid with people my age, that too straightening their hair. I thought i'd do something too, but then I realized that I have to go home and work <_<
Dil chara tha paani daal du sab ke straightened baalo per!!
I dont want to sound like this creepy jealous lesbian girlfriend (which I already did) but CUHMONN!! Is there absolutely nothing else to life?
Whatever happened to sneaking out on eid when everyone goes for a nap and fooling around and eating ice cream till you puke!!
I dont want to grow up. I dont want to get married. I dont want my life to be all about everyone else and what they like.
So born in the wrong house at the wrong time in the wrong country.

If you're single, smart, ambitious, give a shit about education, and have issues other than the following:

1. s/he doesnt like me when...
2. s/he wont let me...
3. what should I give him/her on....

Give me a call. I am now hiring new friends.


Arham Tausif said...

Life is already a bitch, no need to add further discomfort and pain by getting into a relationship. Plus that shit ends miserably when you're a Pakistani, being how most of the girls I know/knew are married off to men twice their age with receding hairlines and a faces that look like someone sat on them.

uzme said...

When did I say I want to be in a relationship? :\

Ali said...

single, smart, ambitious, give a shit about education.

Wont be easy to find, but good luck though

Rv* sharma said...

haha! i can relate to this !
so tru .. hope u get outa these situations soon..!!!

ME said...

IWANTTOBEYOURFRIEND. though i am in a relationship. but iam not like people you mentioned above. so. Friends?

uzme said...

umm...I dunno youre 15....Im not comfortable around people under 18 and over 30...:\