Friday, February 3, 2012


You know what sucks more than the political situation of Canada?
The multi-disciplinary teams and communication networks involved in prescribing, supplying and administering medicines. When am I gona come to my good senses? My back hurts because Ive been working since 2 pm. Its 12:36 now. IM NOT A MACHINE MAA OH MAH GAWD GIMME A BREAK. I tend to over do things at times. Be a bit dramatic just to stir things up. It kind of backfires when the other person starts taking me seriously and then I have to continue the dramatic routine because not doing so would make the other person really really angry and hostile. My spider senses telling me spider man is near by and my plan is to get him next and open up a can of pineapples, godammit Dre where is the goddamn beat? yea. Anyway, I dont know how else to put it. This is the only thing Im good at. Writing. More like typing. I can type and make stupid things sound like they make sense and then provide fake references to make it sound more logical and authentic. I say you all are just too goddamn sensitive.

Canada and Dubai are so boring. Just like the Medicine Legislation of 1989. You find me offensive? I find you offensive, shit. This is the same verse I just did. If you put your cold finger tips on a hot hot metal rod, it would hurt really really bad. Your skin will probably get stuck and as you pull, half your flesh will stay on the rod and go tsssssssss. It might smell pretty good. Like thin fried strips of juicy meat.
Id eat that ._.
Trust I seek, and I find in you, none. But none of that matters u___u

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