Wednesday, February 1, 2012


You know what sucks about being a girl in this region of the world?
From education to going out to liking someone to crossing 20's without getting married.
Mutlab...pura mulk shaadi karne mai laga hua hai.
Shaadi on morning shows.
Shaadi on cooking shows.
Shaadi in dramas.
Our lives revolve around being married and getting others married.
No wonder we haven't progressed as a nation. We focus too much on reproduction and partners to reproduce with.

I turned 23 yesterday.
Fuck this Im not even going try to make this sound interesting.

I hate shaadi.
I hate family.
I hate collectivism.
I hate paranoid worried mothers.
I hate aunts and uncles who believe it to be their moral duty to get everyone in the extended family married.
I hate being a girl.
I hate it when the mummy and the baby visit people to see gUrLx for the baby.
One such baby visited me the other day.
Mummy ne larki dikhai.
Baby ne pasand karli.
Without even having a conversation.
Ab baby shaadi bhi karlega.
With mummy's consent, of course.
I feel like a bakri.

A long month of emotional blackmail, long pointless dramatic conversations, and rebellion awaits me.
Because getting married at the right time is above all.
If I dont post within a month, know that I cut myself and bled to death.


Roshni said...

Oh ho. Sab acha hi ho ga inshAllah.. talk with your mama na =/ ..I'll be awaiting the next post within a month. Don't disappear yo!

quartertoinsane said...

please dnt do the emo style cutting, if u wanna die go mafia style...

Amara said...

The golden benefits of marrying someone gay:

I)You get married and, well, not get married
II)Repeat point I from the gay person's perspective, so you're actually helping someone else out too
III)No family
IV)No drama
V)Everyone shuts the fuck up

Win win =D

sarah said...

So true. x/

Anonymous said...

take my word uzma, marry when ure atleast 28 warna log as in susral and husband will eat u alive, u l be life-less. atleast 28, live before that.