Friday, February 12, 2010

*write something creative bitch*...tch...dont bitch yourself publicly, stupid.

Missed me?
Did you?
Say yes?
Please? :[

sup with :[..?:O
My keyboard has been disemboweled. Only I know how I did all that coding, copy pasting punctuations. was my Fye-fuckin-ly...and it was awesome *insert exclamation mark here*.
I feel so incomplete without it...:[ <--Gay. But bleh. My Presentation Was AWESOME....:O After the first long, ten, awkward minutes of being ogled at, it was all milk and and chocolate...*exclamation* HAAN...caramel and chocolate:D Half the people dint know what I was talking about and the other half has a crush on annoying silly mistakes....just me rocking their limbic systems at a sinfully pleasurable pace....*insert three exclamation marks here*

And so it is....just like
you I said it would be...

We moved in with my grandfather, cuz hes all alone...yada yada emo family bullshit.
So now my dysfunctional family consists of an adorable grandfather [whom I love dearly], an anti-social aunt [who doesnt get along with me mommie that well], a concerned mother [who, after years of nonsensical melodramatic bullshit cant help but suffer from mild paranoia every now and then], a brother who couldnt possibly care any less and a closet emo warrior who abuses her memory for pleasure. We make one heck of a sitcom. Too bad its all real. Blah?
Yes *insert exclamation*.....
I dont feel assertive enough without one of those.
In the loving memory of exclamation mark....I end this. Here.

P.S. The crush is Gone. Dead and decayed. In the tummies of constipated worms.


mao said...

Missed you.


s3ayA said...

wat happnd to u?

Ali said...

welcome back. blah.

uzme said...


whispers said...

so, i stumbled upon your blog.. and i really really like it! just saying :)
good stuff.