Saturday, February 20, 2010

I need some lovin' alryte.

I want a Lion. And a snake. And a tarantula.
I dont love lions but I just want to hug one really really tight and pull his hair. Like cuddle with a lion and watch a movie:\
But I LOVE snakes. I wana wrap one around me. I'd look so hot=D
I wana play with a snake and a lion together=[
I woudlnt play with a tarantula I jus wana keep it in my room. Oh and a pink dragon millipede. Hot.
I want a crocodile too. But I dont really have place to keep it. And its also kind of dirty. But I still love them. Maybe I'll wrestle with one. ^.^

Cats and Dogs are GAY.

My mum wont buy me any of these. All I ever got was a pet gay baby turtle. It was cute. But it ate my goldfish. I started feeding it earth worms [which I dug with my bare hands] and then I forgot to feed it for like a week and when I came back Goldie was dead. I shouldnt have kept them together. But bleh.
Hug. Lion. Now.

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