Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ramble ramble. Feel free to skip this one.

People are so full of it. Acting like a 'I-know-everything-and-you-dont-and-I-have-experienced-everything-you-havent-I just-know-everything-so-God-damn-well-and-my-emotions-are-so-deep-and-real-cuz-you-dont-know-shit-and-Ive-felt-so-much-that-I-feel-no more-and-that-is-why-Im-so-different-and-original-Oh-oH-Im-so-special'....
Like...dude....get the fuck over your gay self.
Nobody cares.

I have to study.
Im 21 and I still dont have my CNIC.
This dude in my class is so dumb...we were giving our test and..

Dude : Sir...whats the answer of the 18th blank?"

Dumb dude : "yaar...the answer is Indexer. Just see the size of the blank. All the other options are too small. Indexer is gona fit perfectly."

And he wasnt even kidding:\

I dint like Avatar. Please dont kill me. Actually I havent really seen the whole thing.....My brother has...twice. But Ive seen enough to say that its not all that.
Alien romance is just ugly.
The movie is overrated.
Aliens should not fall in love.
Im not mean.


uglyduckling91 said...


mao said...

Yes you are. Also you didn't see it in 3D which is like what wows you by like 70 percent. LOL

s3ayA said...

ur underrating da thing... its nt all abt alien romance

Sarmad said...

Avatar = Pocahontas without the aliens or the songs.

brok3n said...

did you IMAX it?'re the first one who doesn't like it :|