Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Of nuts and balls..

B.A is one sorry ass degree.
Its like a sin to do it.
Hey...so what do you do?
Not much I just got done with my BBA from fancy ass shit and now Im applying to a fancier ass shit for my MBA. What about you?
uh...Im still waiting to give my B.A exams...*jumps in acid*
Ye kia batameezi hai?
Honestly, theres nothing else Id rather be doing. Cuz you see, I actually like the subjects I study. The only reason Im doing my IT bullshit along is to get a damn job. Since nobody considers B.A a degree. Itni discrimination hai....ufff..:'[

But fuck that. Seen baby tv? No? You should. Its not as annoying as it appears to be. Theres this show 'Baby Chef' where a bunch of kids make things like an ice-cream sandwich and fruit jelly and pretend that its real food and then eat it. And Miss kettle dresses up like a prostitute. But thats not the point. The point is that theres a show called 'Baby Balls'...:\
Ive never really seen the show itself...but its something about different size of balls playing and talking and shit. Its just disturbing. I dont allow my baby cousin to watch it. Neither should you.

Do you like nuts? I was just eating them the other day and I realized that I dont hate them as much as I say I do. In fact, I actually like them. Its just that my mum telling me to eat them is a turn off. She just sucks the fun out of food by telling me all its nutrient facts. I mean...I dont care. And I wont for the next ten or twenty years. Also, I regretfully accept the fact that my taste buds are not as skilled as I thought they were. I cant tell much difference between salted Cashew and salted Almonds.
And this is how everything I do ends....*emo*


The Me. said...

Hahahah @ Miss Kettle.
Your blog makes me laugh. ^.^
I love nuts.

mere said...

This was the most 3 random paragraphs I've ever read in my life. Thanks for distracting me from work.

s3ayA said...

funny randomness, nice... its really distracting... in a good sense

Ali said...

Okay, a serious question. I am very much interested in IT/programming etc. So you self studying? Or doing some course?

uzme said...

Im doing a diploma in IT. They teach me weird languages and codes..I dont exactly love it.

Ali said...

I like weird languages and codes :) you doing from Aptech ?