Friday, March 18, 2011


I like the way You grind with that booty on me.
Shorty you a dime why you looking lonely?
Im too busy to be doing this right now.

Damn right Im showing off. But you wouldnt know what Im showing off about.
Well, lets just say my teeny tiny hypothetical organization is expanding and generating great revenues for the shareholders. And by shareholders I mean me and my awesomeness.
Go buy another round and its all on me.
As long as Im around put it down on me. Or dont. Whatever. Like I said. Im busy.

And just to cover up the lameness, I shall upload my latest sketch.
Which reminds me....there's this random dodo at my university who saw me sketching and asked "wow...tum diagrams bhi banati ho?"
So here's the diagram:


Roshni said...

I do like the diagram. Very detailed.

quartertoinsane said...

u jst wasted a nice clean page...

uzme said...

Jee nahi insane. I dint. Okay?
Thats a perfectly good sketch T__T

quartertoinsane said...

acha bhae.. hoga perfectly good sketch

Almas said...

why do i want to bang u so bad? seriously?

uzme said...


Almas said...


Furree Katt said...

put it down on me, put it down on me.
that diagram is something i really like. :O

Maryam said...