Saturday, May 28, 2011


Is it just me or do happy dulha dulhan sitting on a stage look really really stupid?!!
Mutlab...every time I attend a wedding....especially of people who are my age...I just imagine myself looking stupid on a stage all dressed up.
It looks so funny.
The groom in particular. Especially if they're smiling.
Itney perverted lagtey hain.
Burey se sick dulhas with all their sick urges that they will get to fulfill.
Itney khush hotey hain aj kal ke dulha dulhan.
I mean i've seen a few.
Its okay when the girl is happy cuz shes just happy to be wearing all that make up and heavy clothes and loving the attention and the pictures. But...the smiling dulhas are really annoying.
I just attended a wedding recently...nothing about that wedding in particular. I mean it would be really rude of me to start talking about her and him in particular and I dont want to talk about anyone in particular just know...general observation/opinion.
Do grooms with a wide toothy grin annoy you too?
The whole stage thing is just...pathetic.
Tayaar ho kar baith jatay hain stupid se khush ho kar.
I dont want to go through that.
I attended this one wedding, where the groom just couldn't keep his hands off of the brides waste. Kutta bastard sa tha. And he looked like a donkey.
Then I attended this other thing where the groom couldn't stop grinning. Not even for a second. In fact, he was trying not to roll on the fucking floor laughing and jacking off. It was disgusting. And then this other wedding...and the groom kept looking at his bride.
Masla kia hota inkey sath?
We all know you're excited. Just hold it for a few hours?
Surprisingly, I dont find brides that annoying. May be because Im just too used being around annoying girls. They just sit there smile and blush. Or try to.
I want to write lifeless bitches here but Im afraid i might end up being like one of them:\
I want to skip the shaadi routine. In fact i want to skip the whole damn year that I get married. All the initial stuff.
I dont want to dress up and look like an idiot sitting next to a bigger idiot.


Dee.Dee said...

I'm wearing sneakers and my zebra-striped pjs and no make up on my wedding, if it ever happens. Join me? :D

uzme said...

You dont know my people=[
Im just planning to skip the whole thing. Or may be get married at a very sad point in when someone's about to die so you just get married for the sake of it without much preparation...ya know:\

Richa said...

Me too, me too. I've decided not to go through with it. :/

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahhhahahahhaahahahahhaaahahahahhahahahhaaaaaahahhahahhhahhahhahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahaha !
I'd wear pajamas on my Bride-becoming-day. Loved the POST.

Roshni said...

"kutta bastard sa tha". LOLZERS.
Man..they're just excited inni. Pent up excitement since they hit puberty, its unhideable. ^_^

Triveini said...

I dnt understand ,y dey r put in show at first place..Its lyk before nd after type showcase..y dey marry?..u marry wen u love sum1..u want to spend life wid tht 1 prsn it looks lyk in a way tht is frustrated release bt bettr thn flyin solo..experience..:p

Triveini said...
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