Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cooler than you.

And so my happiness ends with the weekend.
But its not over yet.
Im actually waiting for my cousins (Amna Hajira) to arrive.
I find it weird when young couples go out. Like for dinner or lunch or movies or whatever. Its so funny:\
You dont see the funny part?
I cant explain it. Its just funny looking at them.
My teacher made me hate code switching the other day and since then Im trying hard not to do it. Apparently it shows lack of education and bad manners.
My employee dude dint send the work, which he was supposed to send in yesterday, as yet which is now bugging me a little.
Oh did I not mention how cool I am now that I have an older dude working for me and I totally get to boss him around?
Well, I've hired an older dude to work for me and I totally get to boss him around ^.^
Itni cool banti hoon mai uske samne:\
Its fun.
So I'll be going to PSO next week for my business report. Cant wait. If they're nice to me I might just stay there. I love PSO. Its like my local Royal Dutch Shell Plc. Which reminds of Pierre Wack. I love Pierre Wack. When I grow up, I want to be a Pierre Wack. And I shall rule the Petroleum Industry of Pakistan.
Those bitches are late.
I saw my grandmothers jewelery today which me all emo n blah and then I realized that gold doesn't suit me which reminded me of another friend because it doesn't suit her even more. But she still wears it. I dont even like gold that much. Only used to like my mommy's stuff. She had some cool stuff. A lot of it. And I had my eye on quite a few things that she owned. Too bad its all gone now that we're poor. But we wouldn't have been if we dint spend money like idiots for 16 years. Anyway. I did some calculations the other day and I realized that I earned 71k in three months but only have 7k in my account. Rest is gone. Most of it on food. Some of it on clothes. I eat too much. But the fun time is over. Need to collect 45k by June. And I will. Earning is not an issue. Saving it is. Why are they not here yet? I might as well write my account number and pin code here. Not that there's anything to steal.


H.T said...

totally cooler then me and that too in such a hot weather

y.hayat said...

You're so cool honey :)

Rida. said...

Who isthat dude waise?