Saturday, May 14, 2011

fb Douche

You know what I hate?
Undercover people on facebook.
You know the ones coitus-ing with their privacy settings.
The ones you cannot search or add or see...
You know whats more annoying? When you can see their names and you know that they use fb but you cant see their dp or any info or anything at all..
Mutlab...ap koi Brad Pitt hain?
You think that the purpose of my life is to stalk you day and night?
Is that what you think?
Oh you're so cool with your invisible dp?
Well I think you're a fucking douche.
Especially dudes.
Its more frustrating when guys do this gay shit.
Im a girl. A good looking stalk-able girl. If Im okay with sharing some of my profile with the world, you being a very unpopular average guy, have no right to go undercover.
You're not the center of the universe you know. Stupid gay bitch.
Grow some balls and be a little public you self obsessed vain idiot!
Ghussa ara hai. Ek to maine search kara...itna effort...I never do that...and now that I did...all I get is "this douche is up his ass and so you cannot view his shit"
I wasnt gona fucking rape your boring soul. Add hi karti. Ya poke kardeti.
Pata nai social network join kiu kartey hain fi they dont want to socialize.


Richa said...

Oh sweet lord, the rage!
I was amused. Sorryplease. :P

bavli said...


Aly said...

lol, bechara :(

quartertoinsane said...


Mugdha said...

bwahahaha hilarious.
i can feel the frustration :P

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Ha ha ha ha.
ha ha ha ha ha ha.REALLY.
*Dies laughing*

Sarmad said...

Ill stalk you O__O

uzme said...

I usually repeat the name of your blog over and over again u_u

Sarmad said...


Like that?XD

uzme said...

Exactly like that O__O

Sarmad said...

Tis why Deadpool be the shits yo.

The Me. said...

Hahahahah. Loved this.