Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Heard you got that sticky

She want it, I can tell she want.
Want me to push up on it u_u
Bushra to itni cool hai. I dunno why I wrote that.
Prolly cuz I was just telling Hareem that.
Anyboo. I got shit yawl!
I dont know where to begin.

First things first. My writer dude is pissing me off. Ek to he calls me boss sarcastically...He thinks hes so clever with it...but I know what he's doing...but I ignore it because I just want the work to be done on time. But. You see. Time. Here. In this region. Is plenty. You know what happens to things which are there in abundance, right? Like people. Just so many of them. It doesnt even matter. But you're not making any sense uzma. People should start taking deadlines more seriously. There is a reason why they're called DEADLINES! Paki people have to concept of deadlines, punctuality, and [insert something else to emphasize the importance of being on time]. She headed to the dance floor and she slowly started poppin' it. I just saw this girl's profile...we went to the same school...apparently we're friends. She looks exactly like bipasha basu...but better. Hot stuff. I like dudes. Speaking of dudes. There's one Im hating at the moment. Its all your fault dodi...and understanding just wont do it this time u_u

I have to finish this post in 15 minutes but there too many feelings oozing out to me. I just dont do myself justice at times. I dont know why my teachers keep saying that. Anyway. Did you notice I wrote anyboo earlier? I dont like anyboo. Anyway. We had to conduct an interview with a beggar, more of a biography, for my social psychology project. I have to present it this Friday. Stupid Fried eggs. teeh. So yes. Here's the thing. The beggar mafia or whatever mafia controlling beggars is so damn organized :O
I interviewed around 5 of them and they ALL had a similar story to tell. Not just that. The other girls in my class who went to other areas for the same project also said that the stories are all the same. The most common one being that they began begging a couple of days back...they came to Karachi from khairpur, earn 150-300 per day, and have a bunch of sick people at home. Im not trying to make fun its just that this cant be a coincidence. I mean. Dude. Every beggar in Karachi has the same story to tell? I can write pages on this but you just lose interest after writing a report on it. Anyway. It was fun roaming around on the streets like that. Seven more minutes left. What should I talk about? My presentation or fb blue? I hate making decisions. I'll give you a tip. When making presentation, make sure to insert a pic of a nude'll end up getting full marks no matter how crappy the presentation is. Thats my trick this year. I try to involve topics like sexual harassment and torture in every presentation. Also nude chicks when appropriate. Though you may not find nude chicks appropriate at all. but in psychology, it is. And I end up scoring pretty awesome with very little effort. Okay. Times up.


bavli said...

OMFG. THATS MY NAME IN THE START . (I usually have my name at the bottom of stuff :p).
You got me excated.

I wanted to read more.I feel like there is so much more from where that came from :p

Roshni said...

beggars scare me.

uglyduckling91 said...

Which dude do you like? *slick smile* is it me or is it me?

bavli said...

I commented on that kidhar gaya ya post he nahi hoa tha :o. wtf .

uzme said...

No there were 3 more deleted somehow...maine to kuch kara bhi nai=[