Monday, January 2, 2012

Analysis - III [The Leftovers]

Im feeling bad for not doing this earlier -.-

Random Hyper

umm...Im probabaly wrong seem to be a bit aggressive [internally]. You may not come off as aggressive as a person...but your thoughts tend to be a bit destructive? And a slight need for in...youre looking for some appreciation may be?
Also nuturance! A veyr nurturing person...tend to care for the ones around you but a different kind of nurturing [might get a bit bossy when doing so?]. You also have a high tendency to dominate. Do you have to try really hard to stop yourself from taking control?
A strong desire for freedom. You also resist interference of others in your welcome idea but get very defensice when someone tries to impose ideas on you or even when theres a little hint of anyone trying to change you. There is also a strong need for emotional attachment. You may lack emotional attachment in your life or may be there isnt enough of it and you want to connect on a deeper level with someone. Are you in a relationship? If yes...then you want to be able to connect with your significant other more...if not...may be its time to get to know someone?
Thats all I could get out of the story. I dont think Im in any position to give advices here but...umm...[my personal opinion - highly unlikely to be true] I thiiink theres some conflict between you true self and idea self. You are not what you actually want to be so you may try hard to become that person...and to some extent may be you do become that person but at the end of the day its not truly you. I dont know what Im talking about :\


Similar to random hypers story, the main theme of your story is of recognition. Though you dont necessarily seek attention, you do want your hard work to be acknowledged by others. When this doesnt happened, you get very upset and even lose otivation at times. You do enjoy having good...public relations. As prefer being socially accepted and that, at times, may even direct your behaviour. You also try hard to gain respect of others. Soemtimes go out of your way to get it..
You also avoid getting in situations that might put some blame on you or may lead to rejection by others. You refrain from misbehaviour...Are you a conventional person? Apologize easily? Make sure you get your tasks done? Remorseful? May be not to teh extent that Im claiming here but to some extent, yes. Also...there has been a shift in you life and mood in general. A recent, significant emotional change. In the sense, you way of perceivign the world has changed. May be a certain event has caused it. You also seem a bit dissapointed with you current situation in life. You ego has been hurt. You self concept has changed. A lot.
You may want to go a little easy on yourself. None of us turn out to be what we actually want. All we can do is try. Cant make every one happy. down your standards a bit may be? You're not that old. DO you have too many responsibilities/or you tend to take on responsbilities that you dont really have to?
You're still young...try to be young!


FINALLY a person who is not fucked up in the head. A very contrustive personality. When faced with difficulties he tries hard to fix things instead of just sitting in a corner and weeping about it. A go-getter, to be more precise. An understanding personality. He does not have a hard time understanding another person point of view and accepting it too. Open to new ideas. An emotional person. Has a strong need for affiliation i.e. values close relationships and strives to make them work. But can be a little passive at times. May be when youre down to go in your shell and go in a passive mode where you dont let others connect with you? But msotly, a good ehalthy personality. A sentient and elated person. Not easy to bring down.
However, with all thsi positivity, I think I missing out on something. What I just wrote above is how others see you and you yourself at a conscious level. Im not able to tackle the "inner machinations" of your mind with just one story ._.

NOTE: After doing the actual analysis with the real TAT images I realized how wrong my this analysis was. Please dont be taking it seriously. I just needed a few guinea pigs before I could do the actual one. Thank you for your cooperation.


Almas said...

dont play hard to get. please.

Randomhyper. said...

Thank goodness! Lol. I like the analysis. Some answers were a little off, but overall it was nearly accurate :O

Anonymous said...

lolllzzzzzzz AND I AM A GUINE PIG YAHOOOOO YAPPAA DAPPY DOOOOO YESH YESH answers to all my problems ;)))) muaahhh xoxoxox yeah for sure i d want it. where should i post it? 2 is ok for u O GREAT ONE :)

uzme said...

Ismah...honey...Im not doing any more analysis...the question was for the story you posted earlier...just that ONE. Bus:p

Anonymous said...

u made me cry.. aik bas aik aur palesshh

Anonymous said...

haaaaaan second analysis for the second picture YES YES YES :)

Roshni said...
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uzme said...

Ismah - EK to tumhara blog bhi nai hai where I can inform you about the nalaysis....check karo post again.

Anonymous said...

suno, this is analysis of me second picture ya of the first image of the other person? i am a bit confused?

Anonymous said...

ok ok its the seond one or male gender ok ok.. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

not or, of. thanks

Anonymous said...

bas last

Image 1:

Once upon a time, in thick forests, lived a rabbit named Bunny. He was lucky enough to have found the love of his life. They use to play together, make love, felt blessed and were enjoying their lives. Then one day as Bunny was away for some work his partner felt prey to a huge herd of predators. Their offsprings being unattended were attacked by a snake. And in a very short while Bunny has lost all he had ever possessed. All this loss has left Bunny with grief and pain. He is unharmed but is not really alive.

Image 2:

There is a huge wall that has steps to reach the top. Some explosion on the top. And there is gloomy red sky.

About Me:

I am 30 years old. I am a full time mom of two. I used to work before my marriage but now I am a house wife.


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