Saturday, January 28, 2012


Pakistan won.
India lost.
Maya Khan got fired.
And there was some other news that I dont remember.
None of that concerns me though.
But its been quite an eventful day.

Ive been wanting to write something for quite some time now but I dint because the issues I wanted to talk about are all over the internet and its just not fun throwing in your opinion in a bunch of other unwanted opinions. Kuch nai.
What if Edward Mordake had schezophrenia?
Its possible.
We'll have to dig into his life history first though but Im sure we can find evidence.
I tend to use 'we' more than I need to. And not once do I mean it. I write too many corporate letters.

I just got finished reading Taboo by...Fauzia or Faiza or Farah some person. Or was it Rehman someone. I dunno.
[Why is it so important to remember the name of the author? Its like...if you dont remember the author you dint read it...or dint grasp the concept...or something. Why do they make a big deal out of it? I never remember authors or experimenters. Hell I dont even remember names of people I see every day. Yes, I do agree that these people need to be acknowledged but dude. Bad memory? FACK YOU CHUBBEH ARROGANT GUY FROM CREATIVITY CRAP CLUB!].
So I was saying. Good book.
Made me feel sad and happy and then sad again.
Also made me hate men.
It was about the brothels in Lahore and prostitutes and all that.
We are kind of lucky for not being born in one of 'those' families.
Thora serious hojaega so never mind that.

Another topic of interest. The Favelas.
Dont we have those all around the world?
But it reminded me of Gaza strip in particular. Have you seen Occupation 101?
Must watch.
The reason why Im writing about all these random issues is that...well...these are the real issues. And I dont want to sound selfish but I often get back to reading all this to remind myself of how fucking awesome my so called fucked up life is. And it always works. It upsets me. And frustrates me. And makes me angry. And makes me feel helpless. But it helps me realize that I really do have it easy. So what if I have to work and study and take care of other personal stuff all at the same time? So what if I have more responsibilities than an average girl my age? So what if my childhood wasnt as bright and awesome as it should have been. So what if I dont have credit since Monday? At least I wasnt born in the red district in Lahore. Or the favela. Or the Gaza strip. At least Im capable of earning. At least I get to eat three (read five) times a day. At least I know the difference between then and than. At least, my friend. At least.
*douche alert*


Roshni said...

Maya khan got fired? lol..gee that whole thing got way too amusing and way too blah all way too quick.

Almas said...

lets get married. seriously. just like that!

Rida. said...

then and than. Saman. Haha!

The Me. said...

I like this post.
I didn't click on Favela to find out what it is. Im too sleepy.
But i agree. We have it easy. And i love how screwed up life is. In trivial ways.