Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Of PMS, Psychos, and Shrinks.

I hate it when...
Dont you hate it when everyone decides to display symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome at the same time? Which reminds me of the excessive and wrong use of the term "PMS" and "PMSing" on the internet and sms. Whats PMSing supposed to mean anyway?
PMS stands for Premenstrual Syndrome. So the saying "Stop PMS-ing here" would then mean "stop premenstrual syndroming here". Does that make sense to you? Because it sounded pretty stupid to me.
Every individual out there using terms like "pms-ing bitch" and "go pms else where" just to show the world that he/she has extensive knowledge of the female body and/or how witty they are with their metaphors, is an Ignorant Ass. And an idiot.
Some dude I knwo said something like that in my presence and I wanted to impale him. But I dint because we dint have time because we were preparing a script for our IPS class. Which we nailed. Anyway. Pata nai. I forgot what I wanted to blog about.
I have the tiniest span of attention. Ima be a terrible psychologist.
Which reminds me of the excessive and unnecessary use of the term "psycho" and "shrink".
If I had a penny for every time a person responded to my education with "so you're going to be a psycho/shrink". I hate being called both. The former is just plain stupid since psycho is a slang for psychopath and not psychologist. Which Im sure everyone knows and only use it to try to be funny or witty or whatever it is that they're trying to be. Just so you know. Its not funny. Its not that I get offended or that I dont get the "irony" [if there is any at all]. Its just that...its not funny. It just isn't. Okay? Its the lamest joke of the century.
Shrink I just find very offensive. But this I can deal with.


Dee.Dee said...

I was trying to recall how many times I've told people to stop 'pms-ing' and I realized all of them were guys.

Roshni said...

Premenstrual syndrome = premenstrual tension which is what most people would be referring to I guess... so "stop premenstrual tension-ing/stressing"?.. lol but its cute how that irks you :P.. Kinda like how people says "Im going to Tescos" when the name of the store is just "Tesco"..o--0 Hmm so long time miss? Hope everything's going good down your end =))

The Me. said...

The other day, a girl in my class was like 'What hellz?? :@'

Ellie K said...
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BS Psychology- 4th Semester said...
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uzme said...

Just click on the fishies and follow the instructions :)