Friday, February 20, 2009

World, hold on..

ayte so i totaly made a fool outa myself in my IT class, and now i dont feel like going back...
There ws a surprize test n i ofcrse dint know the answers...jus knew like 2 outa 5...and dis guy totally ofernd to help me out...he gave me his whole answer sheet but i dint feel like writing so i gave a blank paper instead:s
it ws a shit test anyway everyone ws cheating...sooo all kinda bullshit. Oh n i kinda misbehaved with the substitue...not exactly misbehave but i byched abt the real teacher n den i got so angry i started mimicng him n now i feel bad:s
hehe...dat ws funny....
Oh another incident with my name....The substitute called me *umer* instead of *uzma*
That ws kinda funny:D:D

I hope tomoro will be better. I know ima fail....buh its jus a stupid test ryte...:s
im jus nervous cuz it ws the first test.....usually i dont really care if i pass the tests cuz i totaly make it thru the finals. BUt....dunnooo....letsss seee......

HEIGHT OF HOPE : I gave a blank paper n im still hoping i wont fail:s

All i wana do is *banG bAng BanG* and *ka Ching* and take your money:D