Friday, February 27, 2009

cuz life is a lesson - you learn it when you're thru!

Redheey finaly broke up......for now atleast. I hope she sticks with it:(
baby ws crying on the fone:( I wish i were there to hug her.
I wish she could come tomoro to the picnic with us.....I wish zain wont kill himself n move on. I wish zardari wernt an ass and all the politicians were loyal. I wish people wernt so aloof all the time. I wish ppl dint think their opinion to be final n gave a shit abt the other person. I wish we had enough electricity to light up the whole country all the time. I wish all this si a dream n we all wake up in heaven n live happiy ever after......*SIGH*

Im gona watch primal fear today...i dont wana....but mariam really wants me to soo...but i have to complete my prac:(
Why are the alternates always shittier than the original shit?
Why do girls have a crush on Edwards Cullen? (Im talking abt the character not Robert Pattinson - though hes just as gay!)...

Im still gettin newsfeed on fb sayin *some pathetic bych became a fan of twilight* or *some 13yr old joined the Cullen fanclub*......its been ages now loosers GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!
I really dont know why it jus pisses me off really bAD...theres soo much wrong with the whole shit i dont evn know wher to begin!!! Its like Stephnie Suck Meyer invented it to piss me off. The sole purpose of the whole twilight-saga.
The only thing worse than twilight is its fans.....and they are more annoying than Harry Potter fans......Though Harry Potter is less gay.....but wait....nooo.....they both Equally GAY!
Die you pathetic fans DIE!!