Friday, February 13, 2009

im hungry - again!

Reading all these blogs makes me feel....not like everyone. I dont enjoy standing out of the crowds anymore. Blah blah woi same old kahani!

So its FRIDAY the 13th! (thankyou Ducki for pointing that out:p)...Nothing creepy happend:( - yet.
Which brings us to tomoro....FEBRUARY the 14th (thats valntines day - in case u dint know)! Cant wait to go to coleg. Its gona be a scene! Last year Anum Nasir (this creepy man-like-woman hated by ALL whose greatest acievment is prolly being mentioned on my blog!!) she made braids with red ribbons, red nail paint, full eye make-up, and had a red rose in her hand...Now iagine her walking on the basket ball court playing with the rose like Shahzada Saleem....eheheh.

"Soemtimes life tickles me."=D

And i have a damn test tomoro - haha look at me talkin abt it like i care.
50 cent is UGHLEY!
Afeefah's been msgin me for hrs now...I dint read her I dont feel like.....I never feel like...not jus her...its everyone. And its not them - its me! Love that line!! makes everything better...*its not you - its me!* - hehe

P.S. The above statement is not true. Its always the other person!