Monday, December 6, 2010

blegh e boo

My life has been sucking ass for the last couple of days and its not fun. Cuz its not the severe kind of sucking where you become depressed and get all emo, drawing awesome shit and writing stupid rap shit but more like...ugh..not again sort sucking. Its bad...but not bad enough to wake up that crazy creative dude in you. Yea...the crazy dude in me is a guy and not a girl. I realized that a few months back. But thats not the point. Im still not bisexual or a lesbian. But That is Not the Point.
The point is...I dont like fancy food, alright?
Im just not interested in your traditional kofta and pai and nihari and korma and other variations of meat and oil. I just dont like all thas stuff.
And that is exactly the kind of stuff my people are into -.-
Somethings wrong with my mum.
She thinks the eid isnt over yet so she keep making all this crap. First Korma, then nihari, then pai, and right now Im going crazy cuz we have yesterdays leftover pai for lunch today -.-
I just ordered pizza and realized I dont have money. Which means Im gona have to steal some from my mums purse. But thats not stealing cuz Im gona get all her money sooner or later anyway.
Anyway, shes gona get pissed off cuz shes tired of me being so picky in my food. And Im tired of her not understanding the needs of my taste buds=[

Know who else sucks ass? Bosses.
All the bosses in the world suck ass dry.
I've realized this in a very short period of time.
They may all have different methods of doing it, but their purpose is the same. Suck Ass Dry.
Have you sen Cyrus?
Hows Cyrus?
I think Im gona watch Cyrus now.
But first...*moves jaw right and left like Stanley Ipkiss*
About my supervisor.
Hes an idiot. In fact, hes an idiot of a much higher level...Thats right.
Hes a ch...yep.
First he was really friendly...they all are.
And then he like had a crush on me or something...and then he was all "tum se acha koi nai" and I was like dude..."what the hell is wrong with you?" and he was all "I think you misunderstood" and I was all "okaaaay" and now hes all "please write quality work" and I was all "the quality of my work is awesome" and he was "youre right" and now Im like wtf?:\
My food is here. Goodbye.

P.S. I love you pizza=[


Amara said...

Your blogs are like..when they get to the good part..the post ends =(

uzme said...

Oh no=[

Anum Altaf Hussain said...

haha work crushes suck!

P.S. the word verification asked below is "tunti" doesnt that sound funny? hahahhaa