Friday, December 3, 2010


We're out of nutella and milo. Itni si toblerone pari thi bus.
Itna effort lagta hai breathe karne mai. Irritating.
Clients itne stupid hotey hain.
Pagal idiots.
Dil chata hai hot frying pan smack karne ka zor se face per.
Space wasters.
Wasting oxygen and food and water.
Baat karni hai kisi se but I dont want to.
I look like an ugly parrot when I cry -.-
My cousin asked me the other day whether hot actresses poop or not.
She concluded that they secretly do:\


Roshni said...

....they poop and it smells just as bad as any tom, dick or harry's poop.
Bharey bache bhi Milo peetay hain?

Anonymous said...

Dood milo so k3wlx. But I switched to Ensure. -_-

Rida. said...

Yeah well I'm not calling you either!

uzme said...

I was seriously working when you called...revision tha -.-

And Bush...ensure has like these side effects...ask your doctor...Mine made me quit o.O