Monday, December 6, 2010

Urdu, Anon, and Erotica.

This is just an extension of Blegh e boo because Amara says I end where I should begin=[
My cheap supervisor made me wonder how unromantic romanticism is in Urdu.
I can never be romantic in Urdu.
Its just not...classy.
Imagine...Javier Bardem, with all his sexness, comes up to me with the awesome-st caramel blizzard and says "dil chata hai tumhari aankhain chum lu"
Whats the difference between him and my dear pan wala?
Romance in Urdu is just not it.

And..umm...have you read Ubaid's erotica?
Now now...I dont go around reading blogs...I really dont. Just a certain awesome someones asked me to so I had to. I really avoid going around and leaving hate comments cuz I really dont care much. But after reading it...I felt like I had just seen two gay dogs getting it on:\
And then I was like..."Uzma, calm down...just leave the blog...quietly...browse Away...its going to be Alright" and just when I was about to leave that awesome someone asked me to read the fifth comment...and I did. And now I have a crush on that anon chick. Teehee.
I wish I could explain my disgust for things so rationally.

Anyway, I went to check out this university and I liked it.
The cafeteria smelled awesome. That is enough to get me through.


Roshni said...

haha you saw the last comment on the same post? :p
and hey I like urdu. Urdu is classy, just depends on the person speaking I suppose..

uzme said...

lol...just did.

Roshni said...

Secret Admirer winkwink nudgenudge :P haha

Danish said...

Oh that supervisor really gets to me too yaar!! I swear to GOD i'm gonna kill that annoying, cheezy, chipkoo, gay, over-fraternizing, retarded jackass one of these days!!

uzme said...

ahahahhahhahahahah....I am not alone:DNow danish....imagine being a pretty girl like me...and now imagine kyani being extra nice to you. Die? Yes:p

Amara said...

You make frustrating things transform into cynical entertainment. You sure IS awesome <3