Friday, December 31, 2010


What do I gotta do to get through to you to show you there aint nothing I cant take this chainsaw to?
I miss being madly in love with eminem.
He has been a good friend.
Do you have friends you just cant relate to? But you hang out with them anyway...bleh I dun wana
I have succeeded in putting everyone off.
What do I gotta do to get through to you, you paranoid bitch?
I'm out the closet, I been lying my ass off, all this time me and sanity been fucking with hats off..
So...if you like see a terrible accident on the road and slowly walk toward the scene and see a finger ripped apart on the ground and an arm slit open with blood gushing out of it...what would you do?
I'd walk away.
know what would suck?
If the Brits [Not Americans] invaded Pakistan through Karachi sea port and started marching in the city killing the weak, raping the pretty, robbing the rich, and caging the healthy for slavery. That would so totally suck ass.
Unless I get shot first.


Dee.Dee said...

I hail you for being the only one today not writing a cliche New Year post.

Aseela Haque said...

'Raping the pretty'
that made me laugh :p
And kinda happy in a sick tormented way. Now all those bitches on facebook are gonna get what's coming to them.

uzme said...

I think they will have this secret competition of who gets raped by more men...:\

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