Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I HATE *TAG* posts theyre STUPID!!!

...and so i always delete them later cuz they piss me off wen i see em on my blog. And Im going to try to write full sentences cuz its really becoming a problem since ive been writing Lyk Dis eVn in my test paperzZz.....I heard that youre a heart breaker...(Im a trouble maker)....

stupid msn is giving me shit!!! I dont like the new one. WTF! Why is there ALWAYS sumthing wrong with my pc?
I hate being asked questions....that too stupid ones!
Afefah does that aLOT! why do people get so damn literal?
I HATE MR. SHAHEEN! Shes such a bych! Yeah i dont mind caling her that and i dont give a shit if shes a so called *teacher*. If it wernt for this lawles country shed be jail by now!
If it were upto mee i wudnt allow her to breed...The last thing we need on this planet is more of HER kind! GET A HINT YOU HOMO NOONE LIKES YOU!
that being said....I dont like kids. I dont find them cute....Only the quite cute ones.
ALL CHILDREN ARE NOT CUTE! Most are jus annoying n ppl dont beat em up cuz their parents are around.