Tuesday, July 21, 2009

20 years of Absolute Nothingness.

Just gave my exam. 64%. Thats SIXTY FOUR PERCENT!!
So basically I got 12.8% per hour (studied for 5 hrs). But...kiaaaaw...I dint have time to study cuz I was busy doing the *group project* all alone! Yeah I can go around blaming everyone and shit. I cant say I dint waste time. Yeah I went at sania's and wasted time there when I cudve studied. Yeah I watched the remaining part of the 'black hawk down' which I missed the other day. But STILL!!
I deserved better:@
I've been working my ASS OFF YOU BITCH!!
Just...no....not fair. Like...kiaaa:(
Now I wont be able to get over this shit. And I never used to give a lil worthless fuck to grades...but THEN I started STUDYING. Like THAT ever does any good. Like....fuck man!

And Im still not over the "you have a fake accent" shit...like FUCK OFF MAN!

But the donut was nice...I miss the donut:(
And I miss rain:(
And rains are depressing. But I miss it. But I dont want it back. But I miss it anyway. Yeah I know it sucked for everyone blah shit.

P.S. If you cant take care of children...DONT BE FUCKING PRODUCING THEM YOU FUCKER!!

[Note to self : People are no better than you. They only text when bored and cudnt care less about your pathetic life.]

People suck. And they suck big. And Im people. Only I dont suck as much.

And Ive said that before only a million times.

Through the storm we reach the shore...You give it all but I want more..

Musab Khabees.

Sab khabees.

Nadia thinks Im pretty....and she saw me for real. Not pic.
I love you nadia!

[Note to self : Everyone will leave. Youre left with mostly Rida and Inc. Dont piss them off too bad.]

When? Oh WHEN are people gona learn the difference between "your" and "you're" I ask?


RidZ said...

and the people from Rida and inc. will keep irritating the shit out of you -D

uzme said...

well yeah...think I can tolerate that much:p