Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bilal aint talking - Mariam is away!

I woke up 10:30....No ones home. Mum forgot to leave me money for food. She'll be back at 11 nyte. I just have 50 rs my maid found somewher in the h0ouse. And I had 2 forever toffees for breakfast. And I have no idea how it got in my fridge. But it was there. Anyway, what the hell am I gona eat? I wanted to cook. But....I need ingredients to cook ryte? And the ones I want are not in the house.

Im supposed to be losing weight. And I had 2...thats T W O scrambled eggs at 3 a.m...scrambled in butter. Thank God there was no cream cheese in the house. I wudnt have had less than 4 tbs otherwise. But dude....It tasted like heaven!!! I like eggs [The way I make whatever]....

As I was saying...Im stranded here alone with no food and no movies. Though I secretly quite love the idea....But the whiner that I am....I like complaining...=D

Did I write the lizard story? I dont think I did....well....the light of my bathroom is all bitchy ryte...Its like it fluctuates and you wait for it to light up...but it never does....slut. yeah this baby lizard fell on my shoulder while I was tryna fix the damn thing...and I was like....what the hell is that but I cudnt see cuz it was I looked closely and I saw THAT pair of eyes...and after like 30 secnds I realized it was a lizard. So Im all....uhh....okay.....chill....Its not gona eat me. And then I thought Id brush it off of me with my hand...but I was scared it wud crawl in my sleeve...not scared...just its I very calmly stopped was on my shoulder and I dint want it to move....and then I walked out....went to my mamu...who cudnt see where the lizard was for like a whole minute since I was wearing this cheetah print thingie...and I was holding my breath all along....and then he saw the look on my face and then he was trying hard not to laugh...but I saw that smirk mamu...yes, I did. And then he like took a tisse and brushed it off me....and it was all cool then. Im brave yo!
It was a beautiful lizard....a baby lizard....I dint kill it...I love reptiles....unki bhi duniya hai...=(

Its 12:45 p.m. I have 10 hours all to myself. Just yestrday I was thinking how I would love to spend some time alone. Wish Granted!

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