Monday, July 6, 2009

Post # 102.

So ive decided to write a post which doesnt start with a "so"...wait....shit....bleh..
ANYWAY....I need a new play list...I cant remember the last time i downloaded a good song and i dont have much music on my pc...and NO Im not one of the "OH I have a million GB of metal and a billion GB full of goth music...oh my God Im like the coolest thing"...No I dont have all that crap. And NO Im not a music freak....I thought I was....but Im like...NOT. So yeah...need songs.

I have to send my progress report today...We havent made any progress yet...but thats another issue....But wont you remind me to mail it, pweeez?:p are some tips if you planin to commit suicide :

* Do NOT cut your wrist [you wont die you'll just make yourself look very cheap. If you wana die myte aswel do it with style yo!]

* Do NOT eat a billion ponstan/disprin/panadol - they're just pain killers not wuss killers!

* Do NOT inform a bunch of people before dying....some one will prolly come save you. Unless of course youre just looking for some attention and sympathy.

* If you tell people youre gona commit suicide 3 times...and TRY to cmmit suicide but survive...people WILL lose interest in your death. [Also get annoyed]

* Drink potassium cyanide - death guaranteed!

* Slit your throat open...the skin around trachea is much harder than you youre gona need something super sharp and a lot of strength and have to be VERY quick. But hey...its gona make an awsome death scene...whoever finds your body will be fucked for life. You'll make a difference in someones life for sure!!

so yeah....its not that hard. Just try not to bother people before dont want em sayin "shuker hai!" now do you?

Oh...I made a sketch after a long time. Made clouds for the first time so a lil screwd. But not bad I guess.

YES I know the hand is a lil screwd and out of place.



uglyduckling91 said...

I agree with the suicide tips!

Aur I reminded you. ^_^

Awesome pic (Y)

uzme said...

youre cool like me:D

and yeah you did...thanx

and thanx again...youre awesome too.